Monday, 14 December 2015

Someone Else Being Silenced?

Alex Naszados wrote ...
This article by Robert Sungenis was originally to be published by 'Latin Mass Magazine'.

But as Robert writes:

... that Robert wrote ...
In late summer of 2015 I was invited by Latin Mass Magazine to write an article on Geocentrism. The article was scheduled to be published in their magazine for the December 2015 issue. But then the editor, Marcia, with advice from her unnamed “advisors,” decided to pull the plug. No explanation, no apology, and no remedial recourse was offered. In fact, the Latin Mass staff tried to avoid contacting me until I forced them by repeated emails to reveal their plans, which I just learned of on Sunday, December 6. So much for courage and decency from an organization whose website says as its Mission statement: “Develop The Latin Mass journal into the intellectual arm of Catholics working for the return of the Church to tradition and authentic organic development...Identify, develop and publish writers committed to Catholic liturgical, spiritual, theological and cultural traditions...Organize educational conferences that will offer priests and faithful (often isolated because of their views and dispositions) a sense of hope and rekindle enthusiasm for grassroots propagation of the Faith.” As you can guess, I fit into each of these categories, but apparently Latin Mass Magazine doesn’t have the courage of its convictions. This time around, they looked the Devil right in the eye and the Latin Mass staff was the first to blink. Such is the case when they are confronted with the real truth and authors who are a bit too “faithful” and “isolated because of their views.” Instead of a revealer of the truth, Latin Mass Magazine has become a suppresser of the truth.

... and added ...
In any case, it's an great introduction to the subject. It would be very useful as a link to provide people who are new to geocentrism.

The issue of WHY they backed away is a whole other discussion.

... all about this article:
The Article That Latin Mass Magazine Was Too Scared to Publish1
Formerly Titled:
“The Ultimate Game-Changer – Geocentrism”

(Footnote one in article is what Alex Naszados wrote that Robert had written.)

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