Friday, 18 November 2016

Meanwhile, Shilly Shallying : Bergoglio

Four cardinals* have asked a dubium about Amoris Lætitia. The procedure is perfectly normal. And Bergoglio is not willing to meet all cardinals in the upcoming consistory, probably because he doesn't want to answer. I know this from a German blog, but the first of these posts shows a thing in English, which picture will be shown here:

Click to enlarge.

Here are the three posts, on Beiboot Petri:

Those of you speaking German, enjoy!/HGL

PS, I discovered a text of the dubia. Now inserted as item number 0, according to computer convention - which is really not a very good one, since 0 is no number./HGL

PPS, no, rather as O, as in Origo!/HGL

* The designation is moot if previous Popes have not been such, of course.

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