Wednesday, 30 November 2016

When a Private Person Does This, It is Harrassment

At least Melania Trump thinks so.

The Washinton Times : Melania Trump attorney threatens lawsuit over Barron autism video

The creator of a YouTube video that speculated whether 10-year-old Barron Trump is autistic has apologized to the Trump family in a new video posted Tuesday afternoon.

YouTube user James Hunter issued the apology after news broke that Melania Trump was threatening a lawsuit over the video. In a letter obtained by Us Weekly, Mrs. Trump’s lawyer, Charles J. Harder, said the video was a form of harassment and bullying. He reportedly demanded that Mr. Hunter remove the video or face legal action.

In his new video, Mr. Hunter said his suggestion that the youngest Trump suffers from autism “is in fact 100% false.”

“It was incredibly irresponsible of me to diagnose Barron Trump using a selection of misleading videos,” he said. “Many of the videos I used showed Barron Trump behaving like any normal kid would at 3 a.m. I falsely correlated him trying to stay awake and occasionally doing a quirky things, with him suffering from autism. This was incredibly foolish of me.

“My video was originally intended as an anti-bullying video, as I myself suffer from autism and wanted to educate people,” he continued. “Unfortunately, I completely misdiagnosed a person and ended up making a video that was

[Only quoting preview]

When someone is robbed of his freedoms because diagnosed as autistic, by someone authorised to misdiagnose, even if he also had a problem staying awake*, it is science.

Hans Georg Lundahl
III. District Townhall / Paris
St Andrew Apostle

* I may have been extra clumsy this morning, but I had been forced to leave a place where I had just woken up at 2am in the morning, and look for somewhere else./HGL

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