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Did Jack Lewis or CSL have a Reason to Hate the Name Clive Staples?

C - 67
L - 76 - 143
I - 73 - 216
V - 86 - 302
E - 69 - 371

Clive - add 128 (32 for each minuscule, four minuscules)


S - 83
T - 84 - 167
A - 65 - 232
P - 80 - 312
L - 76 - 388
E - 69 - 457
S - 83 - 540

Staples - add 192 (six minuscules)



1231 : 2 = 615.5

Very close to 616, a value found in some manuscripts, among which that of or consulted by St Cesarius of Arles when he wrote his comment.

Now look at Jack Lewis, what his friends called him:

J - 74
A - 65 - 139
C - 67 - 206
K - 75 - 281

L - 76
E - 69 - 145
W - 87 - 232
I - 73 - 305
S - 83 - 388

Sum, no minuscules:


A whole three integers away from the more common value of the number in question - the one found in all printed versions of the Apocalypse, as far as I know. Phew ... no wonder he preferred that to Clive Staples!

ASCII Code was invented, as far as we know, after his démise. It is used to encode numerically diverse commands and symbols. The numbers 0-31 are not available as symbols they are commands. 32 is a space, 64 is @, the numerals 0-9 are before that and so are the common marks of punctuation. And upper case is A = 65 to Z = 90. It was I think invented in the 70's or 80's.

Still, intriguing how he - one favourite author of mine* - instinctively, before that, shied away from a name that would give a bad number. Even before the code giving it existed.

I have counselled - via his court astronomer Guy Consolmagno who may or may not have forwarded the message - one man in the Vatican to change his name to Borgoglio. As an Argentinian citizen with an Argentinian passport he can ask his country for a minor spelling rearrangement. Borgoglio is the etymology of the other version. BORGOGLIO in all upper case gives 676. The letter O is ten units higher than the letter E.

If he clearly admitted Anglican or other tenets condemned by Trent, we would also know he was not ever Pope. If he then stepped back and the canonisation - so called - of Roncalli and Wojtyla was considered as not having validly taken place, so much the better.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BpI, Georges Pompidou
9 - V - 2014

* One other, JRRTOLKIEN (or more usually J. R. R. Tolkien, I gave the spelling relevant for the ASCII code extraction, since spaces and stops would theoretically add something and minuscules do so), gives 772 for normal ASCII code and 778 for reversed values: 90 = A to 65 = Z. The mean of these is 775, and the middle around which the values revolve is between 77 and 78 (M and N or in reverse N and M). That code cracker would have had a good laugh. By the way, certain people in either Vatican or closer on Episcopal Sees might profit from reading his Letters. Certain ones do deal with his very real horror for the prospects of a one world government. A horror which I share.

Two updates:

Some may think that Greek gematria is more appropriate to determine who St John and the Holy Ghost meant in Apocalypse 13. There is a little problem or two. One is that modern Western names are often so long that it adds up to far more than a possible range.

I will give you the example of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Here it is in Greek transcription: Χόρχε Μάριο Μπεργκόλιο (thanks, wikipedia). Now, that adds up to ... 2014. As if saying, "well, Greek letters don't show who he is, but do show when he is himself." Obviously such an interpretation can only be valid for a year during someone's lifetime. In my own case 1999 and 2005 (depending on whether I transcribe ND in Lundahl as Nu, Nu+Tau (N=Nu, D=Nu+Tau) or rather as just Nu, Tau (ND=Nu+Tau). Both have been significant years for me. And one 1515 lands me with sympathies for Pope Leo X, Lateran V, defining illicitness of interest taking, except very small "such" to pay municipal low wages to clerks of Montes Pietatis - with a preference for paying even half that expense from taxation or municipal properties.

The other one is about Tolkien. I was checking I had not added up wrongly, so I added each letter in sequence with writing out of middle sums. Yes, it was after all 772. But the weird thing was the first four letters - JRRT - added up to 322. The number of Skull and Bones. Obviously these may have arranged ASCII Code so as to make these four letters add up to that. Others have tried to inculpate him too. But this brings me to the problem with using Greek Gematria for the relevant identification. For a man born after Apocalypse was written - not applicable to Nimrod Ben Kush in person, obviously - such a sum would imply an intention on part of the parents. An Antichristian and, except for very prejudiced and blinded parents, a clearly evil one. A man having that on his mind has every right and duty to save his soul ignoring that value. Or - as I suggested to Bergoglio - to change the value by changing the spelling. How could the prophecy come true without such ghastly bad parents, which would constitute an excuse which the real culprit will have lacked? Well, if ASCII Code was invented after he was born, if he was a nobody in another country whom the inventors could not calculate anything on the name of, that could be a very real fulfilment of such a prophecy. Isaiah named Cyrus in advance, but his parents had no idea he had done so. And whether St Joseph understood or not that Ieshua implies all of Immanuel and a bit more on top of it, before asking for that name on January 1 (presumably), at least he had not chosen the name himself, but obeyed an angel. Not as if picking a name to fulfil a prophecy in one's son. Or in this case foster son./HGL

J A + 9
R A + 17
R A + 17
T A + 19

4*A + 62

322 - 62 = 260
260/4 = 65 (arbitrary value for A, which could have been chosen so four A=260 which is 322 - 62)

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