Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Does Thunderf00t make Eric Hovind's point?

Here is a quote from Thunderf00t:

I guess it’s to be expected of the dogmatic that they will behave dogmatically, but Eric simply couldn’t handle the fact that this is how his brain worked, and how he models reality and thus his response to everything became ‘but you can’t be sure about it’, even after this has been explained to him a dozen time. In the end he made it up to FORTY EIGHT TIMES. Compulsive obsessives, this man is your GOD!

Here is the source:

Thunderf00t : Eric Hovind Confesses to being an Atheist!!!!

The point is, IF Thunderf00t admits that logic just evolved, he THEREBY admits that an evolved logic which gave survival value but was erroneous could have evolved just as well. Which in its turn implies logic has no ontological foundation which also logically validates it.

Which implies, for the fortyninth time, that Thunderf00t can't be sure of it.

Logically so./HGL

PS, unless you already figured it out, the answer I consider to be true to question in title is "yes"./HGL

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