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Why Not to Take John Todd's Testimony Against CSL and JRRT

I will cite a contracted paragraph from wikipedia:

These records were later recovered by investigative journalists working for Christianity Today, who found that he had never been to Vietnam, but was only stationed in Germany for a few months before being discharged for psychiatric reasons and drug abuse. One report concluded that Todd found it difficult to distinguish reality from fantasy. After being discharged, he disappeared from public sight again until 1973. [Jack Chick - I am here omitting details.] After some Christian leaders who had promoted him took steps to distance themselves, including evangelist Doug Clark denouncing him on his television show, Todd dropped out of sight from fundamentalist Christianity. During this time, Todd spoke in charismatic churches, claiming to have evidence that fundamentalist churches were tools of the Illuminati. In 1974 Todd moved to Dayton, Ohio where he opened an occult bookstore and began recruiting for a Wiccan coven. In 1976 Todd became the subject of a criminal investigation over reports that he was involving underage girls in sexual initiation rituals for his coven.

Is the problem that report which claimed he was discharged because he had found it difficult to distinguish reality from fantasy?

No, that could be arranged. To discredit him.

Is it that he chose Jack Chick to confide his testimony to?

No, that could be bad judgement.

Is it that after being denounced he defected from Fundies to become involved with Charismatics, while saying Fundies were being ran by Illuminati?

He could have made an inconvenient discovery about Jack Chick. That man has after all promoted a liar like Avro Manhattan.

Is it that he opened a Wiccan store after his testimony?

No, that could be backsliding. These happen even after real (though superficial and illrooted) conversions.

What is it then?

It is a simple matter of chronology.

Clive Staples Lewis died in 1963. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien died in 1973. John Todd came out as a defector from Illuminati in 1973.

Neither CSL nor JRRT were confronted with his testimony.

He said he had given CSL paychecks for Illuminati.

Would CSL have said "you are lying, I never met you?" Or would he have said "oh, you thought they were paychecks, I thought that was some generous millionaire admirer who sent me those packages with ham and wine - was that you? And did YOU think I was in same scheme?"

In fact I do not know what CSL would have said. John Todd's defection from Illuminati, if such, happened too late for anyone to see any confrontation between the two. Whether John Todd was lying about his defection, lying about CSL, or speaking truthfully but having misunderstood CSL's real position about what he was receiving from whom, CSL was not there to give his version of the story.

And if JRRT had any opportunity to hear of John Todd, it was weeks or months before he died. But probably he didn't.

My first - very John Todd friendly - guess was : John Todd misunderstood CSL. A later guess is : John Todd didn't tell all the truth about his defection from Illuminati, he had perhaps agreed to lie about CSL and JRRT in return for non-persecution over some time. The worst guess is of course he was even lying about his defection.

Now, there are other reasons to believe in the existence of Illuminati than the testimony of John Todd. The one thing he added was basically that they were called Illuminati and some details of lesser importance about their structure.

Plus hysteria.

"All the music industry is controlled by Druids"

OK, you buy the recorders you need without consulting a Druid, and you set up your music industry independently of the Druids. It will be smaller, but some music will get to some listeners. You will get some money for it.

"Rock is Satan's music"

Possibly for some styles, not so sure, but if you are worried, there are other styles. Is baroque Satan's music too? I don't think so.

"But John Todd said you have to make an agreement with Illuminati to be a successful musician"

So, perhaps John Todd while an Illuminato overestimated their power? I mean, if they are the kind of people he said, they base their attraction on the lure of power, and they try to get more power by pretending to have already more power than they really have - even to their adherents. Like John Todd, while he was finding these things out. If that is what happened. If he thought he found out rather than agreed to lie about finding things out.

Music industry, unlike JRRT and CSL had opportunities to make answers to John Todd's words, and I am not quite happy about their answer on backmasking. OK, their discs run only forward? What about the tapes from which the discs are made?

But a musician need not take these big companies. He need not take rock. You cannot use John Todd's words to discredit a man just because he's a musician. And, since they came after death of both concerned, you cannot use his "testimony" about JRRT or CSL either.

John Todd can also have been there to discredit words about "Insiders" - the older name for Illuminati (before John Todd) - by throwing so many accusations about the matter to right and to left that the subject becomes distasteful.

Ironically, CSL wrote an essay against the lure of the "Inner Ring". CSL was not exposing such and such a public figure as Illuminato, or as an Insider, but he was exposing their most basic tactics. John Todd added very little that was really useful.

You don't have to believe Roncalli was a freemason to be a Catholic. I think it is quite all right if you just think some of the documents of Vatican II - like Gaudium et Spes - show this was far from being an infallible council, far from being an equivalent of Trent or of Vatican Council 1869 - 70. You should also not believe he was a saint (perhaps not even a Catholic) if you get across evidence he was considering all sorts of non-Catholics as ordinarily speaking the moral equivalents of Catholics in the eyes of God, or evidence he considered the Church "so stuffy it needed a council to open the windows". But you need not believe he was a freemason just because a conservative traditional curate heard it from a parishioner who had heard it from his brother who was in a lodge where they said so. The lodge presumably knew this particular member had a brother who was trusted in a Catholic parish of traditional leanings. The information can have been planted.

When I give what I hope some consider insights, I do not give testimonies as of a former insider. I give conclusions of usually publically known and publically accessible knowledge. I basically claim to be teaching logic about these things. And I here gave my logic lesson about John Todd's testimony on JRRT and CSL, in a way that exonerates them. One should not be eager to convict, especially not individuals not convicted as heretics (I mean on the individual level - CSL was collectively involved in Anglican heresy, though in less rabid forms than those of the Reformers) and so convicted by the proper authority.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
Seven Martyred Sons
of St Felicitas Martyr in Rome

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