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ASCII Code or Gematria per nine?

I have been due to publishing gematrias based on straight on ASCII Code, informed that esoterics use gematria per one (in English alphabet A=1 to Z=26) for gematria of whole phrases, but gemetria per nine (similarily A=9 to Z=234*) fr single words, one kind of which are of course names, like a first name or a last name.

But my interest is not in esotericism, but in Biblical prophecy.

Now, in the Bible, 666 appears in different contexts. The last one being the gematria of Antichrist, but the first one being the talents of gold in the temple of Solomon. Which by itself was something good.

It seems both Lucifer and Jesus come to 666 in gematria per nine. I was told, I checked, I did not find it otherwise.

This seems to indicate that gematria per nine will not univocally pick out the Beast for you.

Neither will, as yet, ASCII Code, since there are too many suspects. Also, the addition of ASCII Code does not annul the gematric validity of ordinary letter values of Greek and Hebrew alphabets, like omega = 800, sampi 900, or shin = 300 and tau = 400**, of which there are suspects around too, today.

But if gematria per nine can pin point Jesus and Lucifer, obviously it gives a somewhat too broad scope to 666 to alone give the pinpointing of the beast.

Lucifer is, like 666, equivocal. Isaias speaks of a fallen Lucifer, which is Satan. St Peter speaks of a Rising Lucifer or Morning Star, which is Jesus Christ.

Now, the man who said gemetria per nine was used also told me certain French words are the value 666, including viande and haine. But meat as such is not a bad thing, confer how God told Noah to eat, and hatred is both good and bad.

So, I got around to asking, where is it likelier to get the value 666? ASCII Code or gematria per nine?

Where it is mathematically less likely, it is also more significant.

Well, to get a jackpot value like one single name of nine upper case spelling out 666 in ASCII Code, I have for people so far only found BERGOGLIO.

BENRHODES could also be BEN RHODES - the space adding 32, as would each lower case instead of upper case. Now, BENRHODES is 666, so BEN RHODES is 698. With initial plus dot, space, surname, we get value of initial, plus generally 46 per dot and 32 per space (together 78 like upper case N). But neither Vladimir Putin nor Raúl Castro come out as 666 exactly that way. For V. POUTINE is 712, only missing the dot we get V POUTINE as 666. R. CASTRO is 620, only adding an extra dot we get R.. CASTRO as 666.

And I have been looking out for parallels to this jackpot value for about two years. I did not find it.

I have found one city, close to usual French spelling. BABYLONE = 588, but unconventional (though correctly pronounceable) BABYLONNE = 666, if I recall correctly.

I have found two concepts in my native Swedish, one in older spelling (previous to 1906), and one in dialectal form (a dialect where I was), which add up to this also, once again in upper case only, so to speak "jackpot", except that we are dealing with concepts rather than persons or cities.

B 66 60 6 F 70 70 A 065 60 5
A 65 120 11 R 82 150 2 F 070 130 5
B 66 180 17 A 65 210 7 F 070 200 5
Y 89 260 26 M 77 280 14 Ä 196 390 11
L 76 330 32 S 83 360 17 R 082 470 13
O 79 400 41 T 84 440 21 D 068 530 21
N 78 470 49 E 69 500 30 A 065 590 26
N 78 540 57 G 71 570 31
E 69 600 66 A 65 630 36

BABYLONNE 666, as compared to BABYLONE 588. FRAMSTEGA, dialectal for "(the) progress" (confer French grammar: "le progrès"), 666 as compared to standard Swedish FRAMSTEGET*** = 754. AFFÄRDA = 616 (less suspect value, since in manuscripts alternative to textus receptus), as compared to respelling AVFÄRDA° = 632. The word did not change pronunication in 1906 and means dismiss.

Babylon has a way of cultivating the ideal of progress, and of dismissing anything considered backward - or conspiracy theorist. Babylonian culture was heavily consensus driven and did not encourage critical evaluation of own society and its doings. So, the concepts are actually more suspect than "haine" (hatred in French, even if giving 666 in gematria per nine), and very much more so than "viande" ("meat" being a clearly good word in some contexts of New Testament).

So, what are the mathematical chances of getting 666 in gematria per nine? Well, one clue is, you can't get 665 or 667 in it. Closest neighours in gematria per nine are 657 and 675. So, it is equal to mathematical chances of getting 74 (666:9) in gematria per one. Now, for this you have chances from 3 letters on (3 letters, gematria per 1= 3 to 78), 4 letters (4 - 104), 5 letters (5 - 130) and so on.

But ASCII Code is kind of a loaded gematria per one. It is gematria per one, adding 64 to each upper case (or 96 to each lower case) letter.


So, we are for nine letters talking about the chance of getting gematria per one 82.

But we are only dealing with gematria per one 82 from the nine letter possibilities.

There are also 8 letter and 10 letter possibilities, but would be more difficult.

Ten letters added to 640, one would need to get 10 letters getting 26 in gematria per one. A feat, since 10 letters minimum is 10. Much less easy than 82 in a row reaching 9 - 246, where 82 is far more central.

Or eight letters added to 520, one would need 146. Eight letter gematria per one is 8 - 212. Let's check centrality. More central, more different combinations will give it, just as in two dice the combinations 2 and 12 are less probable than combination 7.

212 234 212 66:204 = 33:102 = 11:34
146 082 008 138:204 = 69:102 = 23:34
066 from top 152 from top 204
146 082 234 152:225 > 30:45
008 009 009 73:225 < 15:45
138 from bottom 073 from bottom 225

So, centrality is comparable in either case. But since the spread is less in 8 letters, it would still be less significant than finding it in 9 letters.

Either way, it is way more significant than finding it in gematria per nine, where the value 666 is much more probable. Like 74 is in gematria per one.

Hans Georg Lundahl
St Denis
Wednesday after Laetare Lord's Day

* Checking 9*26 and 8*26:

** Checking what numeric values of shin and tau are, without knowing all letters and letter values, shin is 21, tau 22. First nine are 1 to 9, second nine are 10 to 90. So 22 - 18 = 4. ?=100, Resh=200, Shin=300, Tau=400.

*** +ET = 69+84=149+4=153, -A = 153-65=93-5=88. 666+88=754

° + V = 86 - F = 86-70=16.

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