Thursday, 24 March 2016

Why He Doesn't Marry the Girl is, Alas, Obvious

If Adam Johnson came to court in company "with partner Stacey Flounders", someone else already has a claim on his fidelity.

Then, I wonder how much of the girl's "psychological harm" was due to finding out about Stacey Flounders. Or, if she already knew. I even consider "psychological harm" a pseudo-category. We are perhaps dealing with suffering, with jealousy, but "psychological harm" could also mean quite different things. Some would even call it "harmful" if she had become attached to him and was dreaming of marriage. I would call it morally harmful if such a dream involved her dreaming of replacing Stacey. I would call it a severe shock, thus suffering, if a dream of marriage was shattered by finding out about Stacey. We do not know what the judge meant by the words.

And I wonder how much "psychological harm" Stacey Flounders has suffered.

Above all, when he tried to take contact with the fifteen year old fan, what bothers me is not if he knew she was only fifteen, since in saner centuries that would have been marriageable age even in England (Harry Potter series, according to an extract - I have boycotted reading them as novels, makes an allusion to a year in which it was raised to 13, in UK).

What bothers me is, did he in any way shape and form tell her that she was with Stacey Flounders. I suppose he has already told Stacey about it, or she might not have been going to court with him.

Let us recall that many charges against Catholic clergy were not really worse than this.

Heterosexual - and NOT involving infidelity to some somewhat older lady he was already courting.

Then, other charges were of course worse, I find 1568 AD bull by Pope St Pius X very apt for dealing with those cases of clerical or monastic tendencies to what was NOT heterosexual. Like some charges I read about in France, concerning the post-Vatican-II clergy.

Goodbye, those who idealise French clergy as "being above that" through having mistresses, like Abbé Pierre had.

By the way, since Adam Johnson is no longer a soccer player, I remain faithful to my publicity slogan of this blog dealing with "all subjects except soccer". The subject of this post is morality, not soccer.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
Maundy Thursday

This date is to the day ten years after France outlawed the possibility of a fifteen year old girl marrying. Back in 2006, it was not yet Maundy Thursday, but on other years than this, it is St Gabriel's Day. It was so that year. And the occasion was blasphemously chosen for such an evil change of law.

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