Monday, 21 March 2016

Commenting on an Article of Al-Bushra

Here is what I find most worthy of quoting:

In 1949, the state of Israel was formed to be a haven for the world’s decimated and traumatized Jewish population after World War II. Ever since, American Christians have largely supported the modern-day Zion; in 2013, 82 percent of white evangelicals believed that God gave the land of Israel to the Jews.

In contrast, only 19 percent of Christians actually born, raised, and living in Israel believe that God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people. Significantly more than half (66%) believe this is not literally true, while another 9 percent don’t know what to think.

The numbers come from a new comprehensive study of Israel by the Pew Research Center, which included enough self-identified Christians (468) to statistically break out their views. The numbers were weighted and adjusted, because Pew found that only 2 percent of Israel’s population in 2015 was Christian, down from 3 percent in 1949. (Pew’s survey includes Arab residents of East Jerusalem, but not those of Gaza or of the West Bank outside of East Jerusalem.)

Those Christians are largely split 50/50 between Catholic and Orthodox believers. Protestants and Messianic Jews both made up fewer than 0.5 percent of Israel’s population, and thus were too negligible to be broken out separately in the survey results (though they are included in the totals pertaining to all Christians).

Al-Bushra : Israeli Christians Think and Do Almost the Opposite of American Evangelicals
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I believe God literally gave the Holy Land to Israelites.

Not Jews as opposed to Samarians and Galileans. Not Samarians as opposed to Jews. But Israelites in general.

I also believe the best claims to being such is being a Christian who has lived in the Holy Land since Pentecost of AD 33, one of those groups whose "Yiddish" so to speak has changed from Aramaic to Arabic, and whose "Hebrew" is Latin, Greek or Aramaic. In other words, those who were polled a poll reported in this article.

The Jews, including even Haredim, are schismatics and heretics.

The Muslims are apostates. Or immigrants.

Both Jews and Muslims comprise a lot of immigrants.

Especially Jews since 1948 or even Balfour declaration, but earlier Muslims, since Turkish authorities in 19th C. (same ones who discouraged Palestinian Jewry from staying, from time to time, perhaps they did the same to Christians) encouraged Algerian and Circassian immigration; probably especially Muslim such.

When I say Muslims are apostates (except those who are immigrants) and Jews are schismatics and heretics, I do not mean this very generation used to wait for the true Christ and rejected Him, delivering Him to crucifixion by Romans, or that this very generation used to be Christians but apostasised when the armies of Omar came. On the contrary, the full guilt is many generations back, 2000 years nearly in the one case, and 1300 - 1400 years in the other.

However, it is not illicit to live peacefully with heretics and schismatics, especially unbaptised ones, and it is not illicit to live peacefully with a community whose apostasy occurred several generations ago. There is no direct duty of purely religious revenge.

But Crusades were not just for religious revenge, like those against Albigensians, they were also for protection of Christians in Holy Land. If they feel threatened, they have a right to call for one.

From whichever quarter they feel threatened.

I don't know who, if anyone, will answer such a call. I think things are getting very late. But God can still do miracles for His own.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Monday of Holy Week

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