What Readers Should Expect from my Blogs

If you come to my blogs with any centre of interest, browse!

Browse this one and its predecessors. In fact, browse all of my blogs in every language you know.

I am not the typical blogger Jane Friedman has in mind here:

Blog posts, to live up to their form, should be optimized for online reading. That means being aware of keywords/SEO, current events/discussions, popular online bloggers in your area, plus–most importantly—including visual and interactive content (comments, images, multimedia, links).

For one thing, I am poor in images. Except of course my music blogs, where each music sheet is of course scanned as an image, and available for printing out and playing.

Comments, well, that depends on the reader. Since I intend my blogposts to be parts of books, any commenter should be ready to have also his comments (unless I delete them, as with spam) and my answers republished on paper.

This need not mean they need to do it for free, while I get royalties, anyone contributing to readable text mass (either in comments under my blogposts or, more usually, on forums/youtube comboxes or FB mirrored in my posts on certain blogs) should be considered by any publisher. Of course, if a comment is Anonymous, than cannot be done.

My links are either in special links posts (not really meant for republishing) or linking to a text I comment on - like this page (a page is a blogpost that stays accessible from top/side bar of blog) where I link to a text from CMI. In such a case the link should be given in print as well (fortunately CMI has pretty short links, if I link to sth longer it can be given as a short link, like tinyurl.com or ppt.li ...)

But I am not so constricted to one area as to know all popular bloggers in it. I am not so concentrated on current events and current discussions as to always give a blog post the very same day I read about sth ... and I find my interests in such areas where current events are not the most relevant triggers for blogging. That means of course that any blog post that is on the subject on the mind of the reader might not be my most recent one.

Old blogs with many posts but no new ones - predecessors of this one - still get many readers because posts on them still interest certain people.

Using my blogs correctly is not a matter of reading the newest post only. If it links to other blog posts, it can be an idea to read them in order. Even if that is not done in one sitting. And if you are interested in sth else, get familiar with the index posts already given and browse for posts in your interests.

If not found on this one, nor on a blog dedicated to the matter, browse the earlier main blogs.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
Sunday and Feast of Christ the King

Earlier main blogs:


Triviū, Quadriviū, 7 cætera

Forgot the page I was going to link to, here it is:

Creation vs. Evolution : Weakness of CMI : Church History

Alii bloggi, other blogs, autres blogs
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And here are conditions for reprinting my blogs:

hglwrites : A little note on further use conditions


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    And if you want to keep up with my updates, you can go to a blog of mine where the new posts on each blog are shown, last five, in a widget for each of the blogs that are still active.

    Latest on Antimodernism

    While "Antimodernism" is not the name of one single blog, it's a word included in more than one of them and was the name of a MSN Group which was destroyed by Bill Gates in Feb. 2009.

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