Sunday, 8 December 2013

If someone is holding me excommunicated in his prayers to God ...

Here is Catholic Encyclopedia about excommunications for propositions:

(1) "Those who either publicly or privately teach or defend propositions condemned by the Holy See under pain of excommunication latæ sententiæ likewise those who teach or maintain as lawful the practice of asking the penitent the name of his or her accomplice, a practice condemned by Benedict XIV in his Constitutions 'Suprema' (7 July, 1745), 'Ubi primum' (2 July, 1746), and 'Ad eradicandam' (28 Sept., 1746)." This article contains two distinct parts. In the first it is not question of all propositions condemned by popes or councils in terms less condemnatory (e.g. rash, offensive, etc.) than the specific stigma heretical (to defend heretical propositions being heresy itself and already declared a chief cause of excommunication, see above), but only those which the popes have specifically forbidden to be maintained under pain of excommunication latæ sententiæ. These propositions are:

(a) the forty-one errors of Luther condemned by Leo X, 16 May, 1520;
(b) the seventy-nine theses of Michael Baius condemned 1 Oct., 1567, 29 Jan., 1579, and 16 March, 1641;
(c) the thesis on confession and absolution by letter or messenger, condemned by Clement VIII, 20 June, 1602;
(d) the twenty-eight propositions condemned by Alexander VII, 24 Sept., 1665;
(e) the seventeen propositions condemned by the same pope, 18 March, 1666;
(f) the sixty-five propositions condemned by Innocent XI, 4 March, 679;
(g) the sixty-eight propositions of Miguel de Molinos condemned by the same pope, 20 November, 1687;
(h) the second of two propositions condemned by Alexander VIII, 24 August, 1690;
(i) the thirty-one propositions condemned by the same pope, 7 December, 1690;
(k) the five propositions on duelling condemned by Benedict XIV, 10 November, 1752;
(1) and finally the sixty-five Modernistic propositions condemned by decree of the Holy Office, 3 July, 1907, according to the Motu Proprio of Pius X, 19 November, 1907.

I do not think I have defended anyone of these. I specifically abhor some of the last of the forty-one errors of Luther, as found in the Bull of Pope Leo X, Exsurge Domine.

And obviously case one of reserved excommunications can not apply to reading Clive Staples Lewis insofar as he avoided sentences which would have shocked any of either Catholics, Calvinists or Anglicans, nor to the reading of Creationists who are scientifically defending the Patristic understanding of Genesis.

And obviously it does not apply to reading and believing either Riccioli or St Thomas Aquinas on Geocentrism and angelic movers.

I count any attempt to excommunicate me without telling me what for and without giving me occasion to defend myself as equivalent to Black Magic.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
Immaculate Conception of the
Blessed Virgin Mary
& II Sunday of Advent

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