Friday, 13 December 2013

Statistica bloggorum vii vel viii ultimarum xxiv horarum in die Sancte Lucie

Assorted retorts
Half my own, half that of everyone else whom I am debating (and not just linking to) and whose words I quote.*
United States28
United Kingdom2
Puerto Rico1
... to League of Nerds and Realistic Opportunist o...12 Dec 20135
... to Unbalanced Anti-YEC "priest" and his defend...31 Oct 20131
... on Catholic and Orthodox Conflict in Transsylv...18 Jul 20131
... correcting Hovind on Beowulf, Sigurd and Nerlu...3 Nov 20131
... on religious fervour and the word "fruit" on a...27 Nov 20131
... on Human Chromosome II, and Divine Creator's H...12 Apr 20131
...on Physics from Netscape Boards26 Nov 2008, 2 comments1
... to Unbalanced Anti-YEC priest (?) and his defe...18 Oct 20131
...on Scots Education and Reformation & on Sweden22 Nov 20131
Answering Steve Rudd24 May 20122
A thread from (more may be added)25 May 20121
In cases my letters are answered, half my own, half those of my correspondents.*
No stats yet
No stats yet
New blog on the kid
On me prend pour une truffe?9 Dec 2013, 1 comment1
Proximate causes are not always secondary10 Dec 20131
"nov9 blogg9"?11 Dec 20132
Palaeocritti Blog
Not my own material, mostly, salvaging for some other people.*
United States4
Staurikosaurus pricei3 Dec 20133
Arizona28 Nov 2013, 1 comment1
Triviū, Quadriviū, 7 cætera
United States13
Asked to leave my Guestbook alone:9 Feb 2012, 16 comments16
1) This links to spam, some disgusting, 2) why is it so interesting? a) It is no miracle to get the IP adresses of a spammer it is technique, b) it is no miracle either that I resent spam.
Maybe Jonathan Pollard has a Point26 Aug 20132
Father Filippo Anfossi was right against Giuseppe ...20 Feb 2013, 4 comments 2
Why the Guestbook Spam? Possible Explanation29 Aug 2012, 4 comments 1
Answering a site that ridicules Church Fathers on ...17 Jan 20121
A Sedisvacantist linked to Limbaugh to refute Berg...7 Dec 20131
Happy Feast of St Michael Archangel29 Sep 20131
Il a raison3 Oct 20131
I do not agree with religious liberty in all cases...27 Jul 20131
Why do Some Christian People Find my Geocentric Vi...8 Apr 2012, 10 comments 1
HGL's F.B. writings
Partly my own. Partly half my own, half that of everyone else whom I am debating (and not just linking to) and whose words I quote, in cases of such debates (most posts recently).*
GP tries it again - after attacking Alveda King30 Aug 2013, 5 comments 2
John Michael Talbot has had a link to an interview...6 Oct 20131
Creationism and Geocentrism are sometimes used as ...16 Apr 2011, 30 comments 1
Quand je laisse un panneau avec l'adresse d'un blo...13 Apr 20111
Explaining Holy Roman Empire in terms of comparing...7 Apr 2011, 5 comments 1
Barry Cunliffe's theories and mine (Celts and post...5 Dec 20131
On Teens, Marital Consent, Schooling without Conse...31 Aug 20131
Our Lady of the Rosary to today, debate between a ...12 Oct 20103
Creation vs. Evolution
United States5
Czech Republic2
AronRa gets something right I suppose ...19 Mar 20133
I Like "Miacis Cognitus"3 Sep 2012, 8 comments 2
Answering Thomas Storck and Solving Problem (I Pro...29 Aug 20132
A Man not at all prejudiced against God is critici...1 Feb 2012, 1 comment1
Three Meanings of Chronological Labels3 Dec 2013, 1 comment1
Where do you find Dinosaurs over Trilobites?15 Jul 20131
Disagreeing and Agreeing w some Protestant Y E C13 Aug 20121
What I think I have refuted19 Nov 20131
Pour francophones tendance monoglottes, sur d'autr...4 Jun 2010, 2 comments 1
Have "Humans Interbred with Neanderthals and Denis...22 Aug 2012, 1 comment1
United States20
United Kingdom1
Answering TheOFloinn some more21 Nov 201330
"idiot, fripon, ne pouvais tu pas laisser la premi...7 Sep 2011, 2 comments 4
Against O'Floinn on Relation of 17th C. Scientific...14 Nov 2013, 1 comment2
Is Boromir a mimsy borogove?21 Aug 2009, 1 comment1
Answering Dimond Brothers about Eastern Orthodox4 Sep 20131
Nonne potius "twittendum" erat...21 Nov 20121
First five minutes give a very good summary of mod...21 Nov 20121
Masons are NOT Geocentric, which is to the point12 Mar 20111
Prière de prône, prière universelle, liturgies byz...16 Nov 20121
Gesta Danorum ("Deeds of the Danes") ...22 Sep 20131
Answering a Muslim who asked "If Jesus was [=is] G...8 Aug 20122
"filolohika"?8 Jan 20131
* For all blogs not so marked, here or on blog, I am claiming own authorship, usually disposing according to A Little Note on Further Use Conditions, which was earlier published on my earlier main blog.

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