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To David Palm

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"I think that it is safe to say that the number of modern geocentrists who came to that view first by examining the scientific evidence is vanishingly small; I wonder whether even one such individual exists. Geocentrists do not normally start with scientific evidence."

Here Comes the Sun

Not normally ... whether I am normal or not, "normally" is not a description of my life.

I had the Geocentrism of St Thomas Aquinas in mind since studying Summma and Summa (in Contra Gentes I think it is directly mentioned as part of what is called Prima Via in STh I Q2 A3), and debated the Distant Starlight argument against a young earth.

I also read a book on astronomy from 1980. Only c. 10,000 stars showed any parallax. 200 stars showed proper movement (identified as such) greater than greatest parallax.

And at night there was a moment when senses and ideas went blank dark and I formulated an idea, the details of which came flooding after. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE FOR HELIOCENTRISM, since the physical one is offset by angelic movers (as per Aquinas) and the optical one is NOT an uniform parallax at all.

If Virgo were twice as big in spring than just before or after it vanishes in autumn to be covered by the sun, and if Pisces were twice as large in autumn as just before and after they are covered by the sun in spring, and so on for all constellations, then we would have a shell of fix stars with a clearly parallactic motion, which would be better to ascribe to earth.

But the evidence we do have is instead either compatible with stars being at very far and then again comparatively near distances (Alec is presupposing the distances are known when arguing against Geocentrism, but they can only be known if parallax is clearly parallax), and with stars showing therefore very diverse parallax this really being such, or equally compatible with stars "showing parallax" being specially moved by angelic movers, probably in sympathy with the angel of the Sun.

Aquinas could not rule that out, because he was a Christian. How about you and Schönborn?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
Vigilia Paschali

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