Monday, 14 April 2014

I was just adding a comment on a FB thread.

It went like this:

And what about letting girls opt out of High School in order to marry, as they could as late as 1995 before Bill Clinton changed that?

I have not regretted this in the least, no. I found on the contrary Bill Clinton regrettable in 1995. And Chirac regrettable on 24 of March 2006.

Before that date, a French girl could marry as soon as 15. After that, like the boy, she has to wait till 18.

I also find there is a connexion between deliberalising age old liberties and liberalising age old prohibitions.

2006 to 2013 - Seven Years.

24-III vs 23-IV - Change the month for the unit integer of the day, keep the 20 before the unit integer.

If girls from age 15 had been still able to marry in 2013, the vote might have been totally otherwise. "Oh, you mean a lesbian teacher can seduce a 15 year old girl and they can marry? No thanks, we don't want gay marriage!"

That would have been it.

Now therefore I think I was very right to add the comment: And what about letting girls opt out of High School in order to marry, as they could as late as 1995 before Bill Clinton changed that?

I also think I was very right to do so because the very new pretense that a girl age 15 (or for that matter 12) is "still a child" gives abortionists a specious excuse like "she can't have a child, while she is still a child." To which my reply (yes, even for age 12) is and remains "no, she is not."

I also think so, because the sexual desperation among teens past puberty but before marriage becomes legal in most states nowadays is:

  • promoting promiscuity as in really finally promiscuous dating, young have been several times divorced before they get to marry

  • promoting contraception and a contraceptive mentality

  • promoting opportunities for very real sexual predators, especially perhaps among teachers and gymnastic teachers and priests of the Novus Ordo Catholics come somewhere after that, but are cited to court more often

  • promoting professional opportunities which should not have been needed, as in psychiatry and counselling for young people depressed and confused because of this unnatural state of affairs and as in teachers getting jobs who enjoy teaching those who should already be out of school, and these then being teachers who should not have become teachers in the first place (they also favour School Compulsion, as you can imagine).

So, no, I do not regret that kind of addition to my FB flow at all. Very much on the contrary. However, I was doing this on Georges Pompidou's computers, Rue du Renard in Paris. After I had tried to post the comment a few times I found the computer was out of order. So were a few other ones. I had to wait, and while I waited I wrote most of this on another computer. I found it pretty probable there was some sabotage. How so? For one thing, first time I tried to repost the comment, I wanted to copy paste it to the next combox. Twice the whole column eluded me while I was trying to copy it. As if some ADMIN were scrolling quickly. And I am very certain I did not do any scrolling myself, not twice, not even once, since one hand was involved with the mouse in another way and the other hand was preparing to reach the control button after blueing the text I wanted to copy.

Some people some to have gotten into their fat heads that when I try to make a comment like that, they somehow need to give me more time to think. If I sign my essays with the library where I am writing them this does not mean in any way that I represent the library, just that that is where I was when writing. Might be relevant for a lot of reasons. Is traditional also. But does not amount to any claim of representing the library. THEREFORE the computer admins of the library have no claim on representing me, especially against myself. Even if this had been one of the very, very rare occasions where another opportunity to think might have been useful. But, as explained, this was not such an occasion. And computer admins in libraries seem to be doing this kind of stuff once every month or once every two weeks to me.

THIS was perhaps an occasion where they might think they had a very clearcut case. No. I do very much NOT regret saying what I said.

A girl should be able to opt out of High School, of Lycée or even later classes of Collège, simply in order to marry, if she prefers that to staying in school. AND, so that this give no opportunities for lesbian seducers, gay marriage should be abolished.

In 1945 quite a lot of decisions in Germany were rescinded retroactively because they were against the Natural Law. This is also what decisions like these deserve. I saw right now that objects on sale from Nazis were being withdrawn from the auction. This is what should happen to DSMH, to Psychopathologia Sexualis, to objects associated with Jacques Chirac and François Hollande, not forgetting Christiane Taubira, and also Bill Clinton. Excepting perhaps cigar boxes.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bpi Georges Pomidou
[where computers work again]
Monday of Holy Week

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