Thursday, 10 April 2014

Is Stein Maligning the Poor?

1) The Communist Government of Pensacola, 2) There are Other Solutions As Yet Than Shooting him Like If he were Ceaucescu, 3) Is Stein Maligning the Poor?

Raw Story: Ben Stein: Poor people are etc.

On the other hand, Stein argued, poor people dragged down society with their slovenly habits and appearance.

“My humble observation is that most long-term poverty is caused by self-sabotage by individuals,” he argued. “Drug use. Drunkenness. Having children without a family structure. Gambling. Poor work habits. Disastrously unfortunate appearance. Above all, and counted in the preceding list, psychological problems (very much including basic laziness) cause people to be unemployed, have poor or no work habits, and enter and stay in poverty.”

How often can things like above be misdiagnosed by Jews and Muslims who thereby keep another poor guy under observation, blacklisted, and not just for employments but also - as in my case - for independent work, like writing and composing?

If today a man like Stein can get together with other men like himself and decide "we don't like this author, he has a beard, a Muslim says he saw him drunken, he must be lazy since he wants to be independent, he is an Antisemite since he likes Sungenis and LaRouche, and since he wants to stay Catholic and on top of that a Trad despite repeated offers of showing himself worthy to become a Jew" and then get people to treat the guy "accordingly," then such men cause poverty, and when they are doing it "self sabotage" is not really a needed explanation.

I do not know where Stein is on my case, perhaps he hasn't heard of me, but those who have and who are basically doing what I describe are for sure people agreeing with Stein.

He mentions rich people hiring lawyers to defend themselves against royal tyranny. He does not mention them bribing lawyers to not defend maligned poor and people misdiagnosed as having "mental problems". And who are therefore also tyrannised.

Stein mentions quite a few things that poor people have now, but did not have when he was young. Independence as in being one's own boss is not one of them. Independence as in not being watched about for "mental problems" isn't one of them either. Compared to that, having indoor plumbing is not the greatest issue for every man alive, even if some rich brag about giving that to the poor while taking away so much else.

For my own part, I cannot see how the question in the title can be answered other than by a resounding yes.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
St Hezekiel

PS, Stein brags about paying "schools for inner city kids" (CSL once used the word kids in a letter to a child, who responded she hated the word, and CSL said that so did he ...), but Louis XVI funded schools for free that could actually help people to be master artisans: schools of drawing. He was beheaded, and he had not been taking so offensive a tone to the masses as Ben Stein does./HGL

PPS, while we speak of sabotaging for others by maligning them as committing "self-sabotage", have you come across this hideous concept of "mental age"? Someone who has lived 15 or 20 years and who is not biologically retarded by a chromosome too many can nevertheless be told "you have a mental age of 3 and a half years" ... how is that for low intensity bullying? Except of course, that in some cases it is even not low intensity./HGL

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