Thursday, 16 October 2014

Let's see if I can find all four

Sometimes I am looking at tips for writing (I could hand out tips as well), but today I got a tip which I haven't been using lately, and now tried again.

The most important post relates to this one of mine:

"Aborting because not enough mature"? WHAT?

So, here it is:

The Maxwell House : NOT mom enough

Last one I looked at was the blog of one Edmund who had written this book:

Amazon : [while awkwardly aiming for ten] [Kindle Edition]
Edmund Christopher McCombs (Author), Stephanie Meyers (Illustrator)

And where was the blog? Here, right post too, I think: [while awkwardly aiming for ten] : Two Wrongs Don't Make Me Write.

No, I think I forgot first blog post and certainly not forgot but forgot adress of the second one ... no, I can find them by clicking the back button at the left of the adress bar:

articles Bloom ... blossoms for the soul : I Gain Nothing - By Cheryl Goforth

Which was of course an opportunity to gently push the Catholic understanding of the Three Theological Virtues.

Actually, this was the first one. I reached it from a post on a blog which I had already commented on. So, I think you can guess what tip it was I read:

Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

Note, the further description makes it precise that the comments must be courteous. Related to blog post one comments on, gentle, non-spam. Here is where the "assignment" came from:

The Daily Post [Wordpress] : Blogging 101: Be a Good Neighbor
By Michelle W. [who is obviously spelling things the American way, witness her spelling of neighbour!]

BUT, there is a fourth blog post to comment under ... BBL.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Hedwig of Poland

PS, fourth blog post so happened to be somewhat relevant for the part of my writing carreer that is concerned with novels rather than essays ... here it is:

Scraps of Literacy : Hype: Commerce's Noisy Weapon Against Looking Inward - One Reader's Perspective

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