Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Can Pentecostals Bless?

Not if they are pastors and should know better than to be Pentecostals.

TIA : Pope receives ‘blessing’ from Protestants ministers

I might have been too weak when doing a sign of the cross when someone said "God bless you" and I suspected it was a Protestant. But at least I thought it was a Protestant layman who hadn't studied enough theology (or Church History) to be aware why Protestantism is wrong. And I was taken by surprise.

I did not stand up for an occasion of getting a public blessing by Protestant Pastors.

Bergoglio is harming himself, he is harming the Catholic Church and he is also harming the Pentecostals and Anglicans whom he confirms in their errors by allowing them to bless him./HGL

PS, TIA set the heading Pope receives ‘blessing’ from Protestants ministers, but should have set it as 'Pope' receives ‘blessing’ from Protestants ministers. One set of quotation marks too few. How about "Pope" receives "blessing" from Protestants ministers?

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