Thursday, 18 June 2015

"skeptics" Don't Know How to Think

A pretty bold claim, but either they demonstrated that or did a very huge lapsus without correcting it.

Background. Sungenis has issued a 100,000 USD challenge for experimental proof that the Earth (yearly) revolves around the Sun.

If I were to try to claim it, I would dig up data of how space craft when linearly distancing from Earth was either observed from Earth as showing an apparent zig zag anually, or, that from them, Earth was observed in different angles depending on time of year. Because, the mathematical origo for its trajectory which it left behind certainly is one point (at least stable in relation to solar system at large), but, according to the Heliocentric theory, Earth does not stay in it, but rather anually passes through it once and then gets out of it for another year.

However, I have (as a Geocentric) looked into this. I suspect this experimental data is not available because the two possibly decisive kinds of observation were not thought of as important.

ALSO, I have thought that observing stellar annual parallax from Mars would show whether it was really a parallactic apparent movement, since distance to any star would be the same (roughly, we are speaking of a difference of light minutes on a scale of light years) and since the period (Mars year as opposed to Earth year) as well as the source of parallactic illusion in proper movement of Mars has a defined and in each case proportional difference to that of Earth, if Heliocentric interpretation of the data were true, observing parallax from Mars would very clearly and decisively confirm this.

However, the appropriate apparatus is not landed on Mars AND the negative parallax of 63 Ophiuchi also shows a problem in the Heliocentric interpretation of data.

Now, here is the link and quote from salient detail of Sungenis' challenge:

GWW : The $100,000 Heliocentric Challenge

Salient sentence:

This challenge is simple. Anyone who can provide qualified experimental proof that the Earth revolves around the Sun will be paid $100,000.

Note, the question is about Earth revolving around Sun, i e the yearly orbital (as Heliocentrics suppose) movement of Earth. Not about Earth revolving around itself, i e daily axial (as Heliocentrics suppose) movement of Earth.

Anyone who knows how to think knows these are two different questions.

Earth could theoretically be revolving around itself each day, while the larger movement of the year was even so provided by an orbit of the Sun along the Zodiac around Earth. So, proving (if one could) daily rotation of Earth would not prove the thesis that the challenge was about.

Now, here we come to skeptics:

Skeptics Stack Exchange astronomy : Does the Earth revolve around the Sun? [closed]

Questioner refers to challenge and says:

Isn't there any experimental proof that the Earth revolves around the Sun?

And here is one answer (after it was given, the thread was closed):

The simplest thing I can think of is the Foucault pendulum which, assuming the laws of motion are correct, demonstrates that the earth is turning rather than sitting still with the sun spinning around it.

[image of Foucault's pendulum]

Though I can imagine someone playing silly bugger could just make up a more complex model to explain that so the utterly essential first step is to get them to actually commit to and fully explain the model they want dis-proven.

If they're a parody site trying to encourage people to properly follow the scientific method then that may be possible but the money is unlikely to appear. If they're a genuine group then nothing is likely to be accepted.

Now, notice, first of all, Foucault's pendulum is supposed to prove Earth is TURNING (daily), not it is ORBITTING (yearly). This huge difference of issue adressed is masked by the use of a contrast: "rather than [Earth] sitting still with the sun spinning around it."

According to Classic Geocentrism (abhorring the TWO theses condemned in Galileo case), Sun is spinning around Earth in a double fashion : 1) daily westward, and 2) yearly, either going with the aether mainly and having a proper movement eastward which takes a year to complete or even (other Geocentric model) having its proper movement westward, the one observed, but lagging behind the stars, so it takes them a year to circle its slower course.

Obviously Foucault's pendulum only adresses the daily motion. And a Geocentric might put it down to aether rotating around earth and affacting bodies in any way near free fall (as the swing of a pendulum, for instance). Which I do. Or to the gravitational forces of the entire universe rotating westward around Earth, as I had gathered once that Sungenis does.

So, no, Sungenis is not putting forth a parody site, but he is trying to force Heliocentrics to use the scientific method with sufficient thought taken to discover it doesn't necessarily support Heliocentrism.

And, though for myself I have no 100,000 dollars to offer, so am I with this blog (and my previous ones).

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
St Ephrem of Edessa (Ephrem the Syrian)

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