Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Christian or Jew? Christian. And Antimasonic.

1) Christian or Jew? Christian. And Antimasonic., 2) Pas circoncis, non.

I agree with John Vennari on a few things:

Revolution in Tiara & Cope: The Masonic Blueprint for the Subversion of the Catholic Church
Defeat Modernism

And when I have said more than once Jews should convert and Jews are wrong, it should be pretty clear.

Unfortunately some idiots are spreading between them quite a few unnecessary doubts, I saw a graffito in the subway (where it was foreseeable I would pass, and Gipsies had seen me over the area), so, better be clear./HGL

PS, when I consider John Vennari is right on a few things, I do not include his praise of Masons during the time when Alta Vendita was issued for "maturity". This cult of "maturity" is not quite Christian. A Christian who has his goal in another world can achive his goal in his lifetime, namely to attain Heaven. Asking for a maturity which puts main goals beyond one's lifetime is not Christian./HGL

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  1. John Vennari basically "linked to" one page of a mason:

    I find on it: The first recorded Masonic ceremony in the Holy Land was the Secret Monitor meeting held at King Solomon's Quarries, a cave deep under the old city of Jerusalem, in May 1868.

    Interesting enough, 100 years later, May 1968, the Student Revolt in Paris has among its leaders one Cohn-Bendit - a Jew. A commemoration of that Masonic ceremony in the Holy Land? Possible.

    I am happy that in May 1968, I was NOT in Paris. My mother, pregnant with me, was in Vienna, a city without the student revolt that year.