Saturday, 8 August 2015

Freedom of Speech "in the age of Jihad" (and of Putin)


Muslims Hack to Death Secular Writer/Blogger in Bangladesh ByPamela Geller on August 7, 2015

Western World:

Is Paris the only place where access to internet has become harder the last year and even month? At least to this blogger?

There is a "scientific" hoax about "internet addiction". A Chinese study looked at people who sat 20 hours a week before screens while gaming - presumably they were students or young workers and they were taking the 20 hours from time they would otherwise have slept in addition to having a daytime occupation. They did brain scans after a few weeks of this. What they really studied was the effects of loosing 20 hours sleep per week. What they said they had studied was the effects of spending 20 hours per week before a screen./HGL

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