Monday, 25 April 2016

I wasn't tagged, but here goes anyway (OK, perhaps I was, after all)

  • 1. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?

    Some, perhaps? What were Inklings hoping to accomplish with their fiction? Well, my hopes go in their direction, not that of Wells or Shaw!

  • 2. Are you a spiritual person?

    Ein Geistlicher? No, I am neither a monk nor a priest.

    Or does it mean sth else in English?

  • 3. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you want to have with you?

    • Notebook with pen. Ideally more than one in all, and one with lines for making music sheets.
    • Chord for macramé.
    • Rosary.

    I suppose you meant where food, water and some shelter is provided outside of the "three things". Otherwise, adding above to the food I require is cheating.

  • 4. What’s your favorite childhood memory?

    One is reading same room as ma, from time to time asking a question, one is bathing in New Port Beach.

  • 5. Are these your first (tagging) memes?

    I wasn't even tagged in the first place, and it is not the first time I steal a meme!

    It's from here:
    Dymphna's Road : I've been tagged

  • 6. Eight random facts about me.

    • i) I like writing and composing.
    • ij) I am not always sure how melodies I know are written, nor how melodies I see written (including my own) sound/
    • iij) I have an unsatisfaied nostalgia for learning Polish, Lithuanian and Celtic languages. With Polish and Lithuanian at least I took university courses.
    • iu) I also like dabbling with "creating" languages.
    • u) Me being a fan of Tolkien and Lewis may not count as random, after my first answer?
    • uj) Me being a non-fan of Wells and Shaw, etc?
    • uij) Some might find my textile passion effeminate, but I was actually stuck with two women in late childhood and learning the craft they could teach was one thing in the direction of getting as crafty as I could. Macramé has a more virile connotation than some.
    • uiij) I have a horror of psychiatry and psychology.

As to addition in title:

I tag anybody who wants to play. (Dymphna)

Here I was tagged:

All readers consider yourself tagged

  • 1. Yourself: complicated.
  • 2. Your spouse: future.
  • 3. Your hair: long.
  • 4. Your mother: nice.
  • 5. Your father: absent.
  • 6. Your favorite item: notebooks.
  • 7. Your dream last night: worrying.
  • 8. Your favorite drink: tea.
  • 9. Your dream car: functioning.
  • 10. The room you are in: huge.
  • 11. Your ex: which?
  • 12. Your fear: shrinks.
  • 13. What you want to be in
  • 10 years: dad.
  • 14. Who you hung out with last night: none.
  • 15. What you're not: married.
  • 16. Muffins: good.
  • 17: One of your wish list items: publication.
  • 18: Time: calibration.
  • 19. The last thing you did: mailed.
  • 20. What you are wearing: usual.
  • 21. Your favorite weather: sunshine.
  • 22. Your favorite book: LotR.
  • 23. The last thing you ate: muffin.
  • 24. Your life: worried.
  • 25. Your mood: calm.
  • 26. Your best friend: Jesus.
  • 27. What you're thinking about right now: solving.
  • 28. Your car: past.
  • 29. What you are doing at the moment: meming.
  • 30. Your summer: sleepy.
  • 31. Your relationship status: complicated.
  • 32. What is on your TV: nothing.
  • 33. What is the weather like: grey.
  • 34. When was the time you laughed: dunno?

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