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Some think I am one lazy guy.

Well, I have been in France for 10 years, and this is beyond 3652 things, which would bring the count to one per day, if I had arrived in October. I switched format from MSN Group to blogs in France. That is, though blogging was voluntary, abandoningt the MSN Group was not. All of them were killed in February 2009. And yes, some quite important portions of my blogs were written earlier on the MSN Group. It had thirty members, but about one writer. Another guy wrote "hello, how are you" and yet another guy linked and quoted. I objected to that because I was enforcing a netiquette rule of "original material only". Well, some of my posts on blog have been linking and quoting as well, but not that many compared to the rest.

So, if the top posts of this blog either bore you slightly or you have already seen them, if it was a few days since I updated this one, don't hesitate to consult older messages on this blog, or on my other blogs. I try to write so as not to keep value limited to news and temporal freshness appeal.

And if you are interested ever so little in editing, here are consitions for using my articles:

hglwrites : A little note on further use conditions

Some of which have other copyright owners as well:

Antimodernism : Copyright issues on blogposts with shared copyright

As I mentioned compositions, those are on my musical blog:

musicalia : General index

With conditions on top:

musicalia : What's the deal? C'est quoi ce truc?

Each instrument category may involve compositions beyond those already indexed, so look at label as well.

Either way, if you just want to read, or if you come for business, enjoy!

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
Saint Hedwig of Silesia

Added the word "posts" to title. By oversight I missed it.

HGL, same place, on the day of St Peter of Alcantara, 19-X-2015

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