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Ipsa conteret, by Heinz Lothar Barth, German Book Tip

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Ipsa conteret.
Maria die Schlangenzertreterin: Philologische und theologische Überlegungen zum Protoevangelium (gen 3,15)
Heinz Lothar Barth

If you have just learned German and do not know what to do with it, and if you are a Theologian, I recommend this book. Extracts of it were published in Mitteilungsblatt der Priesterbruderschaft St Pius X back in the nineties.

Heinz Lothar Barth is not a priest although he writes on Catholic Theology here, he is a layman, like myself. Of course, he is also a Ph D (abbreviation which stands for Philosophiae Doctor), which I am not.

I was provoked to look this up by a haughty and devious representative of the Aramaic Christians. Not meaning they should all suffer because of him, of course, on the contrary. Apart from denying the Just War doctrine with its basis in Luke 3:14, by claiming the answer was adressed to tax collectors (as the one in verse 13) rather than to a separate category introduced in beginning of verse 14, namely soldiers, he also accuses St Jerome of having falsified* this passage of scripture by translating the Hebrew with "ipsa conteret caput tuum" rather than with "ipsum conteret", and that provoked me to remind of what I had read in this book of Heinz Lothar Barth, namely that both seed and woman are in Hebrew feminine, so that the words of the Hebrew text can be understood either way, but that St Jerome, in agreement with the Theological understanding of the Church, applied this to the Blessed Virgin Mary more directly than to Her seed, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore I highly recommend this book to any readers of the German language and also to people who could ask Heinz Lothar Barth for permission to translate it into English or French or both. And, why not into Aramaic.

I declare that when I was received into the Roumanian Orthodox Church, or its Neohimerite faction, I never foreswore the Catholic Church, I was not asked to do so. I declare that any Orthodox bishop who excommunicates me for the sake of holding to Catholic doctrine is a liar and a coward. Even if I was unwary in accepting communion with them.

I also declare that any Catholic Bishop who excommunicates me for not having shunned them totally is incoherent. Unless he can point to one Pope who is not accepting these as real Churches with real jurisdiction in the present.

I am sorry for having been incoherent between Catholicism and Orthodoxy. But how could I have avoided it, if the situation at present seems incoherent?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
Conversion of St Paul

* The Council of Trent does not declare the Vulgate inerrant, but infallible as to Doctrinal content. If it had been inerrant, we would have had to use the date of Ussher rather than of St Jerome as to birthyear of Jesus Christ Our Lord as counted in Anno Mundi. If it were not infallible, any priest or bishop knowing only Latin would have been foolhardy to reason from it. I am with the Council of Trent. Herein.

Update on 28-I-2014:

Of course, both the Vulgate which says that "he" or "it" shall crush the heel of the serpent and the Vulgate which says that "she" shall do so are of course correct, both as translations of the Hebrew and doctrinally. The Haydock comments say that whether the woman or the seed crushes the serpent's head is all one, which is true, since Jesus and Mary did it together on Calvary, He be dying on the Cross, She by praying under it. Attacking the Vulgate is therefore not really so much an attack on the Original State of Grace of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as on her role as Coredeemer. Any Bible whether Hebrew or Greek or Latin contains "I will put enmity between thee and the woman, between thy seed and her seed ..." which means that Mary and Satan are archenemies, which in its turn means that she was never his slave in any way, and slavery under the Devil is proper not only of those in a personal state of sin, but also of those in the state of original sin, due to his victory over Adam. So, it is not just the Vulgate but any text which prophecies her freedom from the State of Original Sin./HGL


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