Monday, 22 December 2014

Lost Chances

I once in Academia while doing German was reading "Die verpaßten Chancen der BRD und der DDR" or sth like that (perhaps rather "... in der Geschichte der Bundesrepublike und der DDR"). At least the compendium or even book was known as Die verpaßten Chancen. It means the lost chances or opportunities.

How many Catholics will doubt Pope Pius XI lost a chance while forcing - through obedience - the Cristeros to lay down arms, after which they were massacred by a government that had double-crossed Pius XI? There is more.

1) Pius XII wrote some kind of decree - cited by Pope Michael to prove Pius XIII/Pulvermacher was no Pope - detailing what divinatory superstitions were illicit. He did not stay with the list in the books of Moses, since he added using the pendulum, which however Pulvermacher could cite the Curate of Ars as having done.

2) Vatican II seems to have in one of the texts concemned slavery as a blight on humanity. By implication the condemnation would include slave hunt.

3) Ratzinger/Benedict XVI condemned dealers.

Now, psychiatry and psychology are superstitious, slave hunting against the normal freedoms of free men, and in the case of psychiatry also dealing drugs which are certainly uncomfortable in the case of neuroleptics, and sometimes very dangerous in the case of antidepressives.

1) Pius XII did not enumerate psychological and psychiatric diagnoses and analyses as an illicit superstition.

2) Vatican II did not enumerate psychiatry as one of the modern forms of slavery.

3) Ratzinger did not consider shrinks as the dealers they are. But dealers forcing their drugs on the victims.

Now, that is what I call lost chances.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
Holy Thirty Martyrs
of Via Lavicana under Diocletian

PS : Same observations - not always, excepting through psychiatry involving drug dealing - can be raised about Child Protective Services and School Compulsion.

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