Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Index III ENG (LAT) (Easter to Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Part of /Partie d'Index Indicum (pars indicis indicum huius bloggi)

Christus Resurrexit - Vere Resurrexit

Latine 7 polyglotta

Statistica Multoties Lectorum Bloggatorum in Hoc Bloggo

Grammatica et Logica de Canone Celeberrimo Concilii Tridentini

Il y en a qui ME considèrent comme polyglotte? Mais ses neuf langues à lui sont plus polyglottes que les miens!


Would Sunday Laws Forbit Sabbath Keepers to Buy and Sell?, John Cornwell's Incompetent Fan Club Claims Vatican went Nazi, Chesterton vs Chisholm, Two Reasonings on Abortion

Solange Strong Herz on Geocentrism and Denial Thereof , Answering Alec MacAndrew, Answering two points raised by Dr Neville Jones PhD et al.

Cornelius and Assisi Meeting, Is peace brought about, when infidels pray together? , Yesterday Bergoglio seems to have thrown me out of the Church - insofar as he was Pope he did, What did I write while or same day as the Crucifix Fell Down?, Did Jack Lewis or CSL have a Reason to Hate the Name Clive Staples? , Answering Sanidopoulos on the Apocalypse, Bergoglio and Quarracino Neognostics? , Schools in Church Doctrine (Pope Pius XI vs "Vatican II"), Why Bergoglio is Not the Pope

Pope Michael Takes on Pope Francis: Exiled Pope is Living In America (link to video), ... against Yet Another Puritan as in Stupid Attack on Christmas

Is Wall Street Opposition "vain ritualised unconsequential protesting"?, Free Cecily McMillan

A little suspicion ...

In Answer to Mr. Obama's question from a long time ago, Is Dan Kahan Depopulationist, somehow? So far, I don't know for sure, Is there a Criminal in Buckingham Palace?

"Nobody believes in Geocentrism these days ...", On Karl Keating's Course, Karl Keating had a Status, the Status a Debate, Ross Hoffmann Made an Answer, an Answer too I Gave

"You care about me, right?" (Linking)

Did God create ALL ?

Mark Shea Missing the Point, Mackerel Snapper Missing Another Point

With Tom Trinko on Physics of Geocentrism, First Rounds, With Tom Trinko again, Second rounds, Tom Trinko, Third Rounds, Broadening Discussion on Aether, Was Not Doing My Best Either - Should have Referred to Tolkien, Diagrams for Geostationary Satellites (Either Cosmology) , ... on Heliocentrism and Positive Claims Demanding Positive Evidence

Here is Someone Really Standing Up for Children (or two: a mother and a lawyer), More Good News From Detroit

A Comparison?

Did Kepler (or if it was Newton) think God's thoughts after him?

Fr. Martin Fox on How to Help the Ninivites (link) , Hebrew (link) was the language of these very early Christians, Don't Shell Civilians for Abductions! (Link to what I am talking about), The Crusade for Democracy is Over. Time for a Real Crusade? (Link), And of Course, EU is Not Worthy to Crusade (Link)

Some of these men deserve death, Reviewing CMI's Review of a Book on Nazism and Darwinism, I am shocked by the evil of the Lithuanian Minister of Health.

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