Monday, 9 June 2014

Is peace brought about, when infidels pray together?

If a Catholic prays with Catholics for peace, God may hear them.

If Orthodox, being to human eyes nearly Catholic, pray among themselves for peace, I cannot deny the possibility God will hear them.

If Jews and Muslims each pray among themselves, well, God knows if any of them has goodwill, and if the open errors of anyone is a human mask to what counts as faith in the eyes of God, it might happen that God will hear them.

But if a Catholic prays with people clearly not Catholic, if an Orthodox prays with people clearly not Orthodox, if Jews and Muslims, being wrong, but thinking they are right, each against the other and against Christians in questions dividing them, pray with people they consider as being wrong ...

I am reminded of Syncretism. Back when I was not yet Catholic or even baptised, I heard a sermon by one Lutheran clergyman. The reading had been about God's loathing of Syncretism. In order to illustrate, he took a tea bag, instant coffee, rose hip porridge in powder form, added cold water and two pieces of sugar, stirred. "Anybody want to drink this?"

As nobody volunteered, he considered that this is about how disgusting Syncretism is to God.

And I am very concerned that what was just done by Bergoglio and Arkhontonis, by Shimon Peres and by Abbas, Mahmoud, was to God's sensibilities also disgusting.

Assisi meeting of 1986 did not give peace. 2002 did not give peace, and that very clearly so. Why should I hope this will?

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
Pentecost Monday
9 / VI / 2014

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