Tuesday, 30 December 2014

I Was Asked - Probably - Not to Make a Deal Leading me to Hell For the Freemasons

I am not a Freemason, I am also not asking to become one.

If they tell you I am doing sth they like, possibilities are either it's a thing most people like whether they are Freemasons or Catholics* - or that the Freemasons are getting or portraying me wrong.

I say "probably" because I was simply seeing someone write "don't go to Hell for the freemasons" under a status of H.H. Pope Michael where H.H. said "Nothing is worth going to Hell for."

The question to me is not "when will Freemasons offer me to publish my essays or play my compositions?" nor what I will have to do before they accept me as a Masons. The question is "when will CATHOLICS" etc and what will I have to do before they accept me as not a Freemason and on the contrary definitely a Catholic.

How long will Catholics be listening to insider tips from the lodge telling them I am one of the lodge, when I am not? How long will the lodge be offering what seem to be pairs of supervisors trying to decide whether I am worthy of the lodge or not yet, when I never was a candidate in the first place? Probably as long as Catholics are stopping me from having a life, and imagining what I wrote was sth Masonic which I need to repent for, when they have not even read it!

I am a Geocentric - and Masons are known to honour Galileo and Bruno as sth like "martyrs for science". I am a YEC - Masons are known to be if not always at least usually evolutionists. And I am Catholic. How long will it take for some to see that?

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bibliothèque Marguérite Audoux
of Paris III. Arrondissement
Sts Sabinus Bishop of Assisi
and Exsuperantius and Marcellus Deacons
and Venustian with wife and children - Martyrs

* Doing macramé to repair your sack may seem to tie in with Masonic reverence for artisanship, but Catholics too may honour artisans! St Joseph the Carpenter, St Paul the Occasional Tentmaker.

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