Thursday, 18 December 2014

Stollen and Christmas Riots (Links)

Tea at Trianon : Stollen


The biggest mistake people make with stollen, I’ve found, is not making it at all. This Christmas, don’t let that happen to you.

Supremacy and Survival: The English Reformation : Puritans Ban Christmas; Royalists Rebel Against Rebels


On 25 December 1647, there was further trouble at Bury, while pro-Christmas riots also took place at Norwich and Ipswich. During the course of the Ipswich riot, a protestor named ‘Christmas’ was reported to have been slain – a fatality which could be regarded as richly symbolic, of course, of the way that parliament had ‘killed’ Christmas itself.

English parliament ... English Inquisition of 1401 (observed by Anglican James VI and I burning a Baptist on the stake in 1612 as well as during Mary Tudor against the council of her husband Philip II of Spain, and even earlier St Joan of Arc who was tried under the English system in a France occupied by England (or the part where it happened was). Christmas ban under Cromwell. Laws fatal to Indigenous Canadians in 19:th C.

Triviū, Quadriviū, 7 cætera : Watching exhibits 1 - 14 (first video ITCCS, continued)

Quoting myself:

Exhibit number 2: 10-11 George V, Chapter 20, 10, 1: Every Indian child between the ages seven and fifteen years who is physically able ...

Comment: an infamous text, especially considering the previous words, in 9, 6, which gives principals a right to confiscate any earnings made by the residents.

But was George V responsible for this or was the then cabinet and the House of Commons responsible for it? I say the cabinet of 1920 with the HoC 1920. As to his person, George V did "rule but not govern". That may have been a mistake, he might have ought to have done a coup d'état like King Gustav III of Sweden to stop this and was culpable by omission of action, but those culpable by their own actions were certainly the cabinet and the House of Commons.

Wonder if it will accomplish any good thing like abolishing school compulsion and child welfare (you know the welfare workers who care about the welfare of a child to the point of disregarding the rights of the parents)?

[This blog] : Is there a Criminal in Buckingham Palace?

Quoting myself:

Cinderella was not victim of a mother, but of a stepmother. How many statistical certainties that such and such parental behaviour will cause damage are really there because a "society" has stepped in as "Cinderella's stepmother" and done the real damage after blaming damageable behaviour on parents?

German traditions (like Stollen) are better than English acts of Parliament (like the Christmas ban). Some of the latter have, thank God, been lifted.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Sts Rufus and Zosimus
Martyrs at Philippi

Philippis, in Macedonia, natalis sanctorum Martyrum Rufi et Zosimi, qui ex illorum numero discipulorum fuerunt, per quos primitiva Ecclesia in Judaeis et Graecis fundata est; de quorum etiam felici agone scribit sanctus Polycarpus in epistola ad Philippenses.

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