Friday, 4 July 2014

Did God create ALL?

Specific series of questions on the theme:

  • tectonic plates? (As in what causes earth quakes and tsunamis...)
  • viruses?
  • diseases?

It might seem the pre-Flood world had a single tectonic plate for all earth, which thus caused neither earth quakes nor tsunamis until the Flood. Part of the immediate causality (thus contemporary Flood geologists argue) was a breaking forth of the wells of the deep (Bible text itself), and since (here is the reasoning) they had been covered with that one plate, it had to break for them to get through it. Every earthquake and every tsunami is thus a minor tiny reminder:

  • of the Flood
  • of futire judgement.

So tectonic plates are neither outside God's creation, nor totally as the state like which He first created it all.

And the same in a way foes for viruses and diseases.

I was once challenged on retroviruses as a proof of evolution. Such and such places in the genome look, to evolutionists, like remnants of virus infections suffered by ancestors. Some of these parts are even in corresponding places between man and apes. So, they argue, it had to have been virus infections in ancestors common to us and them.

There is an obvious way of turning this around: viruses come from broken off bits of such genome sequences. Perhaps Rob Skiba would suggest sth else about the pre-Flood genetic engineering, if demons doing it would have used viruses. But to get back to my idea, the corresponding places are places where they have some use in human and chimp genomes, known to God, and virus infections may break forth from those (after the Fall of Adam) or from similar sequences in other beasts.

So, as to viral infections, this is accounted for by viruses being broken off bits of what was earlier all healthy. What about the bacterial infections?

There are two obvious ways in which an originally totally good creation could - once Adam had fallen - start bringing them about.

Innocent bacteria can develop into hurtful ones. We know salmonella and Escherichia coli are very similar. We know one of the differences (among some others too) is how salmonella can use citric acid and Escherichia normally cannot or will not in same amount. And we know Escherichia have mutated (during a great laboratory experiment) into using citric acid or doing so more exuberantly, thus getting one step more similar to salmonella.

I can very easily imagine salmonella is a mutated Escherichia. There are even other mutations of Escherichia which are pathogenic, though still identified as Escherichia rather than as salmonella. But then there are Escherichia variants that are good for our intestins as well. Obviously the one that existed before the Fall of Adam was so.

Another way is variation of host: a bacterium that is harmless on one host will be harmful or even killing on another. Fleas are not bothered by the Yersinia bacterium which due to its effect on rats and men is called Yersinia pestis. Some flu virus that is not painful to birds will be more painful on men. Weakening of man after Fall and after Flood is also a kind of change of host: not between different kinds of host, but between different varities of same kind of host. Imagine a heavy weight boxer giving two litres of blood per month. It won't bother him much. But he should'nt do it if he gets old and loses much of his weight. Nor should a skinny fakir do so.

Some bacteria can, without changing at all, have become pathogens to us, simply because we are now weaker. Weaker than before the Flood, and weaker than before Adam fell. We aren't getting any stronger, at least not mankind as a whole, not before the day of Resurrection.

To return to the tsunami in Christmas 2004, it was where sex tourists were going and where local authorities were callous about the corruption of poor children in their own countries. One scenario (not Rob Skiba's or not his main one) for what could be meant with "all flesh was corrupt". And the tsunami of Fukushima came after a Japanese manga lampooning Our Lord (by putting "Him" and "Buddha" together in a modern apartment) was published in a Christian country, namely France. I think God was patient when it was only in Japan, since the Christian view point would have been less obvious to Japanese author or original Japanese readers.

Want to avoid bad things happening? Well, Rosaries for penance and stopping blasphemy, abortion and sodomy would perhaps be useful. Will all that come, or will Harmageddon come first?

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
Sts Hosea and Haggai, Prophets
4th of July, 2014

One could add a question about "homosexuality". God very obviously did not create the act of sodomy, that is a twist on sex that evil men have invented or been inspired by demons to commit. But in some cultures some people seem to be from very early on predisposed to affactions that can either lead to such wicked acts or to asexuality, and, since the latter is more difficult, often leads to sodomy. However, I think in such cases traits that are in that culture seen as typical of one sex but are not tied to the one or other sex chromosome may come through in ways that are seen as too typical of the opposite sex in the eyes of very machist cultures and too much suspect in advance of sodomy in cultures with homohysteria. Romans ties homosexual passions to idolatry and machism and homohysteria may be tied to idolatry of some sort. For instance, Judaism is more machist and homohysterical than Catholicism (though also more homotolerant) and this can have roots in Jewish idolatry and fruits in Jews becoming more often homosexuals, self described or described by others as inept for a normal marriage.

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