Friday, 4 September 2015

Does Big Business Employerdom See Employees as Game?

This quote might tell a story:

Although not as hostile, poaching in business is widely practiced: It accounts for over 30% in the movement of labor… it’s the biggest source of competitive advantage in the current era of cut throat competition… It has been defined as– the intentional actions of recruiters in one company to identify, contact, solicit and hire a currently employed individual or group of individuals away from another company… However, among many business leaders it’s generally accepted that poaching, or hiring a competitor employees, or customer employees, or partners employees, or suppliers employees… violates an unwritten rule of business and many see it as unethical…

If an employer sees anyone making a bid for his employees as a poacher, this means he sees his own hiring them as the legal hunting - and it means he sees employees as game./HGL

My source for quote:

BizShifts-Trends : Big Business of Poaching– Art of Trophy Hunting: Whether It’s– Animals, People, Friends, Things… It’s Ubiquitous.

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