Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Will Probably NOT read Matthew Vines' God and the Gay Christian

The review I read of it is enough. Here is the link, I will give the most salient quotes from it and some answers.

Third Way : Review: God and the Gay Christian

Vines reminds us that a literal reading of the Bible made many Christians oppose Galileo’s argument that the Earth circles the Sun and that the Earth is not the centre of the universe.

As far as I can see rightly so. I feel a bit stumped about delay for radio signals between earth and Voyager 1 changing time span not just for growing distance of Voyager 1 (which is still closer than a light day away, so sphere of fixed stars could be that far off or that close, since that is still five six light hours outside and above Voyager 1), but also with the supposed orbit of Earth around sun. How I as a Geocentric explain this change in delay is a bit of a conundrum, if true. Sungenis might have a tip.

Today everyone realises that Galileo was right.

EVERYONE? No, a brave village of irreductible Geocentrics ...*

Galileo’s observation ran contrary to the received interpretation of the Bible.

Which is why it is wrong.

Vines points out that most Christians have not changed their minds because they lost respect for their forebears in the faith or for the Bible but because they examined evidence not previously considered. They didn’t reject the Bible but clarified their interpretation of its meaning.

While "phenomenal language" might do for "the Sun stood still", it won't do for Joshua's ordering sun and moon to stand still. He was an inspired miracle worker in that order.

Vines asks if the modern understanding of the nature of homosexuality warrants a similar revision of interpretation. The rest of the book seeks to answer this question affirmatively.

That is what comes of Modernism, and that is why I hate it.

Celibacy is the lot – according to the traditional Christian interpretation of Scripture – of all Christians before marriage. If gay Christians are not permitted any possibility of same-sex marriage they must then, Vines argues, be celibate for life. That changes the nature of celibacy as it is traditionally a spiritual gift and calling, not a life sentence.


As already said, and several times over by me, being gay is not a life sentence. And what is more, if Josh Weed is correct in describing himself as still gay, it is not even an obstacle for overcoming undesired celibacy in the NORMAL way.**

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
St Michael's Mass

* See Contemporary Proponents of Geocentrism on my Geocentric Wikia

** Thinking otherwise is one bad effect of believing Modernist bad science. In this case the ultra bad pseudo science of psychology.

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