Friday, 4 September 2015

Bad Logic from Sharon Levin, Pro-Abortionist

Story : Orthodox woman is, very correctly, allowed to opt out of vaccinations developed using aborted feti.

This decision is criticised:

Pro-abortionists sharply criticized the decision. "If we allow people to opt-out of vaccination, it puts other people's children at risk," says Sharon Levin of the pro-abortion National Women's Law Center.

Oh, no, not quite.

You see, here was the background of the requirement:

The vaccine is for measles/mumps/rubella and is required by New York City law for all schoolchildren.

Well, what if the children are homeschooled?

Then the risk of contagion is eliminated or at least diminished. Perhaps Levin doesn't want that, because home schooled children are less likely to be for abortion. But, one cannot deny, it would eliminate or diminish risk of contagion.

Also, vaccines do not always do that.

It seems a vaccinated man has been dropping polio virus around without getting sick himself.

A 29-year-old British man received the polio vaccination as an infant, but health officials recently discovered that the vaccine had mutated into a virulent strain that had been living in the man's gut ever since - roughly thirty years later, writes Science World Report.

Despite the presence of the virulent strain, the man has not showed any signs indicating he has the virus. However, researchers have warned that the man has been shedding contagious forms of the virus via through his stool.

Design & Trend : Mutated Polio Virus Strain Stayed In Man's Gut For 30 Years After Vaccination
Mary Nichols , Design & Trend Contributor, Aug, 30, 2015, 12:40 PM

So, are vaccinations fool proof? No. Is homeschooling (which also prevents bullying by strangers, which is more current and especially more harsh than bullying by siblings) fool proof? No.

But homeschooling does not require mandatory vaccination and on top of that using aborted people to develop it.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Moses, Prophet and Legislator

Can't resist (this is a PS, btw) adding some of the further logical summersaults of Levin.

Levin notes that “the danger of these exemptions for vaccinations is that one person is making a decision that impacts the health of other people’s children. Vaccination regulations are put into place to protect public health. When one person opts-out, they are making a decision for everyone else who comes into contact with their child.”

Source: Anti-Vax, Meet Anti-Abortion: Woman Uses
Fetal Tissue Link to Skirt Vaccine Law in NYC
Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy Contributing Writer
Yahoo Health September 2, 2015

Aren't these everyone else supposed to be already protected because of mandatory vaccination?

But she is really asking for a mandate to protect public health at expense of individual liberties. If more do so, yes, some of those "everyone else" would also not be protected. And the decision made for them is coming in contact with someone who just possibly could have been contagious, but need not be so. Not being vaccinated does not mean being sick all the time. But the real problem is she wants the power to avoid many opting out from vaccination. She is asking for a medical dictatorship.

Now, supposing the alternatives were children dying once again in a world where vaccination is no longer the rule, some of them, or keeping vaccination at the cost of abortion, the latter is of course most wicked. One cannot say "let's kill people to avoid other people dying from sickness", it is immoral./HGL

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