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Dwight has some good ideas about politics!

Page one of his article spells out why he is not a fan of either Republicans or Democrats. But it is on page two where it starts to get interesting. TCP stands for Truly Catholic Party.

The TCP would be pro life and pro family. Economic, educational and social policies would be formulated to support children and the traditional family because that is the best environment in which children can flourish. The TCP would always be in favor of small government, local solutions and small property holders.

The TCP would support the poor and the workers against big business, big banks and big government, but the TCP would also support the small business owner and entrepreneur from the tyranny of big unions.

The TCP would support a living wage rather than a minimum wage. Banks and credit card companies would be limited in the amount they can loan to families. For low earners the living wage would be subsidized by a heavier tax on those in very high income brackets.

Married couples would receive more tax deductions. Abortion would be outlawed.

Now, Francisco Franco was not for small government, as compared to how liberals think government should keep out of the press and out of associations. But he was for small-ER government than the guys he beat in 36-39. And in 1960's, Franco was somewhat too much for big business.

But these are the exact criticisms made against Franco after the war, by his former allies in it, the Carlists.

That means, Carlism (opposed to Azaña so as to fight along Franco, but after the war also opposed to Franco) is in these things a TCP, according to Dwight's definition.

A living wage rather than a minimum wage?

Sorry, but the two go together. A minimum wage where a full time worker cannot stay alive and keep his wife home with at least some children is not a living wage, and therefore not a minimum wage Worth having (I am sorry that some supporters of minimum wage are satisfied with wages where each man and woman is individually kep alive by wage, while children get subsidies to keep them alive too). And a living wage which does not set itself as a minimum is not efficient. Therefore both Mussolini and Franco supported minimum wages - to achieve living wages.

Oh, wait ...

Banks and credit card companies would be limited in the amount they can loan to families.

Wouldn't it be better to limit the interest rates they can charge and the kind of oppressive measures they can take if not paid back?

For low earners the living wage would be subsidized by a heavier tax on those in very high income brackets.

Why is that TC as in Truly Catholic? It's against subsidiarity. Dwight is saying a low wage earner should live off his wage plus his subsidy.

Also, same percentage of tax means that taxes are heavier in amount for those having very high income brackets.

Wouldn't it be better to outlaw and outtax certain kinds of high income generators? Like outtaxing or out-custom-dutying the decision to move factories to lower wage countries, especially since workers were left with no durable compensation, just the one years wage or sth while they were looking for new jobs.

Back to the good stuff.

Carlists are now for re-outlawing abortion, and abortion was outlawed under Franco.

The TCP would support subsidies for large families and a wage for mothers who stay at home to raise children. This would be paid for by a “population tax” on manufacturers of contraceptive products.

Would it not be better to outlaw contraceptive products? Denatality is making old an economic burden for young, but also in common social everyday speech and manners, old people are getting top heavy.

A parish in Paris has had me shunned from its young (where I could find a wife and where I could find people interested in supporting my writings and composition by starting to make it their printing and their performances), because a few old ladies in it were too powerful, as far as I can see.

This is what comes from too few young along too many old, which in turn comes from these older ones not having made enough babies when it was their turn.

Taxing contraceptive products makes their production a regular income for the fisc, for the budget. Sooner or later a politician is corrupt enough then not to close them down when they could, just in order to keep the budget afloat.

Subsidies are not bad if they are the only solution, but government could (and under parts of Franco and Mussolini eras did) tell paymasters what to pay their workers, i. e. not too little for decent family life.

The TCP would support universal, locally funded government health care ...

Health care free for the poor is actually enough, but universal government health care was implemented under Franco and Mussolini. It was also abused under Hitler.

... just as it would support local school districts, local town councils and local governments providing essential services.

Sounds like Carlist proposals.

Health care would be funded from local taxation which provides a local health insurance program–getting rid of the corruption of big insurance in league with big hospitals and health care monopolies.

In fact, much of government universal health care functions as a monopoly.

The TCP would encourage locally based self help programs for those on the margins of society. Every effort would be made to empower the powerless rather than building a dependency culture through endless handouts.

Self help programs tend to take advantage in terms of cheap labour of people "on the margins of society". Writing as one of those, I would neither want to depend on government handouts with typically certain conditions attached, nor on "self help programs" which are not at all programmed by myself. I am a beggar and a writer. When my writing will be printed, it will have helped me economically. With more than 3600 articles (including music compositions) online, I have already built the base for that. A self help program would force me to abandon my line of business, my work, and take up work in dependency, for rewards lower than minimal wages, by people usually either not interested in my work or interested in suppressing it.

ALMS are the Catholic solution to poverty. For some it does become "endless handouts", for some it ends very quickly in their getting a good position. In the former case, for some it is and for some it is not their own fault.

But giving someone lots of sweets and no money as alms, to force him out of it, is not a good deed. If X doesn't think I can rest sober or honest with money, let Y give me what I need.

Both handouts and self help programs are disempowering in the immediate to those getting them. At least as far as independence is concerned.

The TCP would support all that is local in its foreign policy and defense policy. National borders would be defended. Genuine immigrants would be welcomed and integrated into local communities. Foreign policy would support local governments and local solutions abroad while not interfering militarily.

Are you against the interference of 45 too?

Apart from that, it sounds like what French Nationalists propose.

The TCP would support regulation of a free enterprise economy only to limit monopolies, administer common sense safety and environmental controls, encourage competition and support the small entrepreneur against the Goliaths of industry.

Fair enough. But that may take more than an "only".

The TCP would use local and state taxation to provide free education and training so that all young people are ready and trained for the workplace without incurring vast debt.

How about replacing the schools and universities with apprenticeship and journeymanship for more business lines, earlier on?

Abolish school compulsion. A building master has time to instruct children running errands in reading and writing, catechism and arithmetic, during the doldrums of a work day.

These details should show where I stand politically. Especially if I add I am basically a Carlist.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Espace Delacroix
St Linus of Rome, Pope and Martyr

I see I forgot to link from text, here is link:

Standing on my Head : What Would A Truly Catholic Political Party Look Like?

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