Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Index VI ENG - Octave of Epiphany – Easter 2015

Part of /Partie d'Index Indicum (pars indicis indicum huius bloggi)

1) Good Friday - Another Case for the Pre-Reformed Religion (link) 2) Happy Easter - Joyeuses Pâcques - Laetum Festum Paschale

A Friend shared this on FB

Gilad Atzmon & Robert Faurisson (link/lien)

1) Kent Hovind targetted 2) The Verdict in the Kent Hovind Trial

Canada and the Natural Law, a k a Ten Commandments (two links)

In French it's état voyou (links)

Standing with the Stanleys

How was Bergoglio in the Philippines?

1) deretour : Missing the Primary Questions. 2) New blog on the kid : Will Cornick story ...

Why I asked basically a schoolfriend working in a shop to quit it

I sometimes answer over, what CMI already answered

Why don't they teach logic in these schools? (Update after the times of Pr Digory Kirke)

1) Answering Simcha Fisher, David Palm, Alec Mac Andrew and in part too Sungenis 2) And CMI also felt a need to "refute Geocentrism" ... 3) It Seems Keating Wrote a Book 4) Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : What has that got to do with it?, 5) Were Greek Philosophers Evolutionist? And How Does Geocentrism Conflict with Observation?, 6) HGL's F.B. writings : Debating slightly on CSL with Sungenis, 7) Creation vs. Evolution : Creation Ministries International - a Galileo Fan Club?

Continually giving someone what he does NOT want ...

1) In Answer to Mr. Obama's question from a long time ago 2) Obama's Take on History

1) Hypatia and the Library of Alexandria 2) A Good (or fairly so, I disagreed on two points) Summing Up of the Hypatia Affair

1) H. H. Pope Michael on Lent 2015 2) Ember Days

A Much Viewed Blog of mine:

1) Vox Cantoris blogged about « Father » Rosica. 2) Update Vox Cantoris / "Father" Rosica

Saving Chase

Freedom if he claims

1) Some Foul Uses of Psychiatry 2) A Specious Argument for Not Resisting Psychiatry in Any Way

Benjamin Freedman speaks on recent history 1) Esoterism and Conversion 2) No, I do NOT know where the Antarctic Entrance to Hollow Earth Is ...

Chesterton's Jewish Friend

On Mark P. Shea Not Getting Alive to Lake of Fire

1) HGL's F.B. writings : Alaska has Funny Criteria for Statutory Rape 2) New blog on the kid : Commenting, but not linking : female teachers sleeping with students

David Palm Prefers a Petrified Sun?

1) New blog on the kid : In Memoriam Willy Herteleer 2) Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl : Correspondence with Dwight Longenecker on PewSitters

1) Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Rahan linguistics 2) New blog on the kid : How do Esquimaux Learn Tlingit? 3) "outdated, inefficient methods"?

1954 was Before the Clerical Scandals

1) New blog on the kid : Chris Ferrara the Conspirator 2) HGL's F.B. writings : Debate with John Médaille on Geocentrism 3) Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl : Getting Back to Tom Trinko on Geocentric Satellites and Some Other Things, Especially Whether Literal Belief is Protestant 4) With David Palm and Sungenis 5) With David Palm, Sungenis, Robert Bennett and Rick DeLano 6) Christopher Ferrara Bumps In And I Get Angry 7) Aftermath of the Quarrel 8) Diatribe with Robert Bennett (Two Teas) 9) HGL's F.B. writings : Continuing Debate with Mark Stahlman and John Médaille and Others (sequel I) 10) Continuing Debate with Mark Stahlman and John Médaille and Others (sequel II) 11) Where I Get a Dislike to Mark Stahlman 12) John Médaille loses interest, after giving an interesting answer (real sequel III)

St Patrick faced some persecution, bad enough

Guest Book Back Up / Livre d'Or de Réserve

1) Recipes from Home and Abroad : If ever you throw away old shoes – save the shoestrings ! 2) New blog on the kid : Can an Old Sack be Renewed by Macramé?

1) Triviū, Quadriviū, 7 cætera : Distant Starlight Problem - Answered by Geocentrism 2) Creation vs. Evolution : Dr. Jonathan Sarfati takes out one Heliocentric YEC explanation 3) New blog on the kid : Implications of a Wobble

Progress Gone Mad

On Mutual Reproaches of Megalomania

Making Books at Home is Not Impossible

A Catholic Blogger More (link)

1) Appropriate Classic on Celebrating Atheism 2) April 1:st is Over

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