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Esoterism and Conversion

1) Esoterism and Conversion, 2) No, I do NOT know where the Antarctic Entrance to Hollow Earth Is ...

Any convert is in some way a sign. Newman converted from Evangelical via High Church positions to Catholicism. And so he is generally speaking a sign, but perhaps especially so to the High Church and to the Evangelical. Peter Kreeft converted from Calvinism – and so he is a sign to Calvinists. Notwithstanding, some of the converts, I deem the two I mentioned as valid examples, though Kreeft is marred by Vatican-II-ism, partially, do some service in more general terms too.

Now, though this aspect of an intellectually allround convert being a sign well beyond to those he converted from, though this is true, some will think of the convert as a sign to such and such because such and such are what he converted from. For instance, Benjamin Freedman (his death in 1984 somehow makes the year appropriate for the novel of Orwell) was a sign for insiders, for Jews … and yet, these did not profit duly, most of them, so far. I think he was wrong on some items. He neglected Austria when in 1916 he considered Germany so progressive, but he also neglected Austria later after his conversion. His speech said that of the 300 states in the times of Napoleon Germany had become one state – one? Tell that to Luxemburg, to Liechtenstein, to Austria! Tell that to Dollfuss and his “kleineres,” or “zweites” and above all “aber besseres deutsche Land” … I may return to the subject.

Thing is, some Catholics think I am an insider and need to come out. I am not sure of definitions, if I shall count as an insider. Supposing the insiders are some kind of Messianic monarchists, supposing they have a dynasty observed in poor settings before monarchs are picked out from it, well, I am not sure of my position in such a dynasty. Or perhaps their principle is not dynastic but depends on reincarnation and succession of temporal coincidences of a death and a birth … either way, I am in the uncomfortable position of having too many insiders do too much for my comfort in less honest ways than I would have preferred, while they have not yet deemed me worthy of the kind of confidence at which I might have the occasion to simply say “no thanks”.

It is a waste of time for Catholics to tell each other “he must be a high ranking initiate, let’s hear him when he tells the full story” – I have no story to tell in the kind they think of, not the kind of story Freedman or John Salza have told. But I have made a few observations, and if I may summarise them in conclusions rather than single out the occasions on which I think I observed them, their own networks are full of information that is disinformation from insiders. If I do not use the word “our”, it does not mean I were no Catholic, but it means I do not form part of such networks. I know Sungenis and Naszados, but it seems they will not get me into print as long as I am not doing the kind of disclosure they exact from a former Illuminato – even if I never fully and knowingly and deliberately was one. I am pretty sure some nasty things may have been ordered behind my back in my name (unless the guess I am making is wrong), but I am as sure I never ordered nasty things to happen. I never took any royal or other command.

These guys, probably some Knights of Columbus behind this, have taken for granted or so it seems, I am keeping sth back. They have more than once been chummy with me, as if trying to gain my confidence, and they are not alone in that field. But “angelic movers” for celestial bodies is not some funny esoteric lore like Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis or Ancient Alien Astronauts or “need of global coordination and planning” or Georgia Guidestones – it is in St Thomas Aquinas. It is in Riccioli. And so are the other things I stand for. Part of my problem with some US rightwing men is I am too Austrian to be as Pro-Prussian as Freedman was, or for that matter, as friendly to Prohibitionism. As some may know, I had a grandfather who was a distiller. Also, I am too much indebted to certain Englishmen – not men who made British policy, but to men who sometimes challenged it, CSL, JRRT, the Chesterbelloc. Ruskin and George MacDonald were not doctrinally irreproachable – but they had some valid observations that were carried on beyond by Catholics or Anglo-Catholics. The Inklings were not a Masonic lodge. The Distributists were not a branch of Fabian Society, even if one or two were ex-Fabians. You cannot judge a whole group on what some of it had formerly been into.* The Cénacle of Meaux included a future Protestant Reformer called Farel as well as a future Jesuit and friend of St Ignatius of Loyola. Still less can you ask an admirer of Distributism to come out as a former Fabian or an admirer of Inklings to come out as a former Steinerian because Owen Barfield was Steinerian, or as a former Rosicrucian just in case Charles Williams was Rosicrucian – even if Charles Williams was never my literary staple.

And while some Catholics are waiting for conversions and disclosures not forthcoming, the insiders who did me a few good turns are relying on the consequent loneliness and poverty I am thereby exposed to to continue prodding me to reconsider the boring doctrines of little either scientific or philosophical or historical worth and their ill informed doubts and so on, and some might be sufficiently cynical to hope I make a false apostasy to them – and when I say some have done things for my comfort, I do not imply none had done anything for my discomfort in paedagogic manners of calculation.

Just wondering what it takes before God turns the situation to the better. But I am not a Valentin Tomberg. I am probably not even interested in the same aspects of Pagan errors as he was. God knows I will not be able to satisfy the Pharisees in Catholic ranks by making the Tomberg type of conversion - I already did my own, intellectually at the age of 16, and I have not been interested in becoming an initiate. Not since then and even not since some time before then.

For those people who have helped me, I hope those who were not part of networks don't get into them and that those who were get out of them. God has better rewards for alms to the poor (that being the form the help has taken, mainly) than points to be collected in networks or whatever initiations and perks the networks may offer.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Jovinus and Basileus
Martyrs at Via Latina

* And to judge a man for having had part of childhood partly along a certain branch of Pentecostals/Foursquare as if that made him a Freemason, just because one of the founders of Pentecostals was a Mason or former Mason ... I was never even a de Molay, nor do I wish to be one.

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