Sunday, 1 March 2015

Some Foul Uses of Psychiatry

1) Some Foul Uses of Psychiatry, 2) A Specious Argument for Not Resisting Psychiatry in Any Way

Obviously, locking up non-fools as if fools is an economic asset, if done on sufficient large scale.

There is a little sophism around about it, since a shrink in the hospitals is not paid per patient but per work hour, if he has locked up 5 whom he should lock up, he has nothing to gain from locking up one more to make it six, unless he is doing so purely out of duty. And objective science and so on.

But if he locks up 45 more to make it fifty, he has sth to gain : even if he doesn't get more pay, the shrinks in general have more to do, a securer work market, more tax money going to the pay of more shrinks and personnel to go with the surplus patients.

However, if shrinks were alone in this, they would probably be outed pretty quickly and locked up, not as fools, but as crooks.

There are other foul uses of psychiatry.

One of them is the persecution of Christianity, this has certainly been the case since the 50's. Since Khrushchev. And "scientific" collaboration has been going on with US and Sweden and a few other countries - because the scientists of the Soviet were not supposed to be part of the boycotted political system.

I was reminded of this, when one person over internet, possibly an ex-employee of psychiatry, attacked my preference of Revelation (a technic term referring to a series of things happened up to c. AD 100 or some of the years around) and its reflex in Catholic Tradition (Church Fathers, Scholastics, Magisterium) over his pet foible for "neutral scholarly evidence". He immediately referred "revelation" to sth one would be receiving personally oneself and on top of that immediately was ready to stamp that as a symptom of mental disease. Which reminds too clearly of this just mentioned ideology.

Another of them is the sacralisation of power, essentially the powers the shrinks like or consider unrealistic to oppose. Of course, they do take the liberty to at the same time not sacralise other powers.

School system being one power they have a rather longish tradition of sacralising. I saw a book title about "school and socialisation" - meaning a very obvious snide remark against home schoolers as not so socialised. The fact is, in public schools, some children and teens are "socialised" into a victim role they cannot get out, especially when the principal has a psychologist "explain" that considering the maturity of the rest of the class such and such a harassment was what the victim had to predict, unless willing to adapt. And if unwilling - well, then perhaps there is some mental trouble (according to you know who).

Lately, since a certain generation is less often employees or bums (unless very silenced as compared to back then) and more often employers, I think shrinks have come to sacralise "company culture" too. This may be an error, of course, but it's my impression.

This would include the kind of company culture which is often by those sharing it called "responsability" and since I do not regard it as a responsability towards anyone especially not sharing it, a thing I prefer calling responsabilism.

In fact, this attitude is very far from being limited to shrinks, alas. Here is an example from the world of internet administration: used to be a regular url burner, like but with the asset of its codes being shorter since the burner is in more recent use. Then it became impossible to access it for a while - the etc which I had made went down too. Now you can access the site and here is one of the new items you find there:

Password Protect

Set a password to protect your links from unauthorized access.

The point with making the code and the rest of them was to give the public an easy access not depending on authorisation to this message:

deretour : Oui, oui, non, non

Now, this message no longer is accessible to the public via - totally against my intentions.

I resent that management from the side of And I resent of course psychiatry for being, often enough, at one with this form of responsabilism. Whether it was or not involved in this decision and whether it was or not involved due to my link to that message. Now, should link there too, but the url burner is being delayed at Georges Pompidou Library this evening* - perhaps precisely for not censoring me.

And yet another ignoble use of psychiatry is helping masonry to make their masonic justice with people. If someone is stamped as not quite compos sui, his complaints against the masonic intrigues will of course not be taken account of.

So, before you next claim psychiatry is for the best interest of its patients, read and reread this.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
Sunday, II of Lent

* During about an hour - it is available again.

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