Saturday, 7 March 2015

No, I do NOT know where the Antarctic Entrance to Hollow Earth Is ...

... more importantly, I don't believe in a hollow earth in that sense. Nor do I believe in a solid one, the other modern option.

[1) Esoterism and Conversion, 2) No, I do NOT know where the Antarctic Entrance to Hollow Earth Is ... ]

As a Medieval (not by birth, as if born in 1212 or 1313 - I'd rather take 1212 btw - but by election) I believe Earth has in its inmost centre the spot where Satan fell down to and where damned souls go to. It is called Hell.

Note, the word "inferi" means lower parts. In a box shaped universe, where height is always 180° against lowness and never 180° against height, this means somewhere lower than Earth as we know it. In a Geocentric Universe, this means inside the surface. The latter is what I believe in, if you were for a second in doubt.

Note also, "inferi" does not only cover that lowermost and presumably innermost part where the damned go, it also covers the part where Abraham went, also covers where unbaptised children go, also covers purgatory. All of which are higher up and therefore further out, closer to the surface than the Hell of the damned sinners and demons.

Note even further, the Hebrew word for "inferi" also seems to mean netherworld.

"Sheol (n.) 1590s [in English, that is], from Hebrew, literally "the underworld, Hades," of unknown origin. Used in R.V. in place of Hell in many passages."

Some people really seem to have trouble understanding I have intellectually more in common with St Thomas Aquinas and Dante Alighieri than with Adolf Hitler, much as I regret he never made it as a painter (unless he escaped and became a painter under another name). But, really, I regret even more how he seems to have preferred the wildest theories, which, if Middle Age theology is true, are also the most dangerous to simply staying with Catholic theology. At least if it is true he sent an expedition to Antarctica to find the entrance to that other kind of netherworld I do not believe in.

And also, some people seem to have real trouble understanding they ought to talk to me if they consider me wrong (not meaning people I have already rejected the company of as nuisances, but in decent debate over internet) and NOT just pray along for me to get yet another chance to see what they mean by avoiding to read what I write.

Chesterton in his book about Catholicism and conversion considered a certain kind of fiction very ridiculous (the one which Jack Chick has kept up about the Catholic Church): "the priest can say anything, because the writer can say anything about the priest" basically.

Today it seems among some priests (yes, Catholics) that I can say anything, because the priest can believe anything about me.

So, any priest who thinks I am into Nazi theories or pre-Nazi semi-occultist theories of "hollow earth", quit praying for me to get confronted with your "seeing me through" and start reading what I write instead. Praise or condemn that, not rumours of what my ideas are. With more than 3000 articles on my blogs by now, it should be possible to find out what I believe on a given subject, if I have given it enough thought to think I should write about it, or even sometimes if you only want to know my spontaneous reaction.

And any Illuminato who wants to know how much I am into the know, the answer is as simple as not at all. Except about such people existing and insisting, contrary to both fact and decent presumption about fact, that I am in the know, and therefore spying on me and lying about me to priests.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
St Thomas Aquinas

Oh, just in case someone gets some association with a recent film première (or it was even intended) : 1) I am NOT technically Jewish, since neither circumcised nor having made a Bar Mitzvah, nor intending to either; 2) I do NOT want to be taken for a Nazi, since I am Austrofascist; 3) I am technically a Catholic, since I am baptised and converted, and ... wow ... I actually also want to be taken for a Catholic. Like most Austrofascists I know of./HGL

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