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Why I asked basically a schoolfriend working in a shop to quit it

In most shops bar codes are routinely used for scanning products and counting the price.

I am not brave enough to tell each young or old lady cashier or even each gentleman cashier to the face he shouldn’t be doing that.

But when an old school friend turns up … well, I get queezy about her doing it.

Bar codes are developed around the same time as ASCII Code. The latter is a necessity for computers to work.

The bar codes are not. If shop keepers were to read price tickets, or to do sums, business would go slower, but computers would not stop.

However, there is a piece of ASCII code which is interesting in context.

« 00110110 » = binary spelling of 54.

What is so special with 54 ? If used in ASCII code, like between "&" and ";" of an html, it shows like « 6 » (0 - 9 = 48 - 57).

Does this remind us of a bar code ? In more ways than one. If you ignore the first zero, you get the placing of the three limit lines in the placing of three zeros. If you look between the zeros, you get (in handwriting or at least some) the most general shape of the bar code of any number. And more especially, since it is two adjacent slender lines, the look of the lines placed front back and mid. Now take first zero into account – sure, there is a bar code numeral behind first limit line too.

Even beyond the fact that sixes in bar code look like part of the said lines. Slender line, slender space, new line or line (even thick one) slender space, slender line, new space.*

Whether or not it is meant as a reference to 6-6-6 or not, it is certain that it is being interpreted like that by individuals – and that business in general hasn’t cared less usually about complaints, whatever small honest business owners have tried to do.

The inventor claims similarity is a mere coincidence … like the fact his own name is three names of six letters each. Would that also be just a coincidence ? There are parents who will give their children that burden.

I will quote someone who says this is not the Mark of the Beast - and answer some arguments:

« Can we pick and choose the numbers? The Mark of the Beast is 666, but this barcode I'm looking at is 045342987531. If the guide bars are really sixes, then the number I'm looking at is 604534269875316. How is that the same as 666 any more than 16066 Jones Street is the same as 666? Just because we can pick three sixes out of a string of numbers, we cannot really say that those are the same as the single number 666. »

Well, we are dealing with beginning, middle and end. UPC code is not the worst, since in EAN code (the one used here in Europe) the three « guard lines » are the only ones that jut out from the mass of bars on the lower end.

« Did the World End? From the time of the Mark of the Beast until Armageddon, which pretty much ends the world, less than three and a half years pass. The UPC barcode has been around for twenty years. »

Part of the deal may be that bar codes are NOT per se the mark of the beast. BUT everyone doesn’t know that. When it comes, they may say « look what they said about bar codes ». Same goes for :

« It's on You. The Mark of the Beast is clearly described as being either on the forehead or on the hand, not on commercial products. Explain this discrepancy. »

One thing is that if it is on commercial products, it is IN the hand when we handle them, at least unless we are careful.

Latin has same word for « on » and « in ». I recalled that Greek has two different words, but I had read from Latin Vulgate. A solution is perhaps correct per se, but it is not fine and dandy if it leaves anyone in anguish over the Vulgate text. However, that page* was of course claiming to be "virtual salt" and probably very much ignoring any Catholic who is relying on the Vulgate only (as is no obligation, but no inordinate preference either), so we can imagine they could not care less, whoever wrote it.

But one question on that page* was not asked. It was appropriate.

What harm do the bar codes do?

Well, commercially, the harm is that fewer and bigger business are enabled to run as shops. This was already the case with factories. And in the newer case as well as in the older, people are singly becoming so much "more productive" that they are replacing each other, and machines are replacing people.

That is one side to it. Another side is how this can bother some consciousnesses - and how it can be used to harrass.

I was harrassed in prison for not wanting to touch bar codes or only wanting to touch packages where I had struck out "sixes" alias guard bars. It may have been one of the things leading to my transfer to psychiatry during the time I was doing (for having defended myself against psychiatry).

So, suppose we were instead of Christian sensibilities dealing with Jewish ones. Would you want a system where in order to buy sth you would have to scan or would have to see the cashier scan a badge with something which was not a swastika (for some technical reason) but which nevertheless looked suspiciously like a swastika?

I am anti-Jewish in many sensibilities, but I would not do that to them.**

I wish some would return the favour to Christians.

Then there is this, ASCII code was once and for all developed, but why was the 6 given the prominence of having a snappy and symmetric shape in binary digits? One reason might be some guys who hate Christians about as much as Nazis (as usually portrayed at least and as portraying themselves through anti-Jewish propaganda) hate Jews are trying to give small but to some more obtrusive than to others hints that they are running business these days.

That is also one reason why I think ASCII code values of letters may be a clue to making the calculation for Apocalypse 13:18. A = 65 - Z = 90. But that I have already spoken of elsewhere. And I have tested and cleared my own name in that connexion.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
St Timothy of Ephesus
24 - I - 2015

* They say:

6 is formed by alternating bars and spaces of width 1-1-1-4

An end guard bar is formed by two bars and a space 1-1-1
A middle guard bar is formed by two bars and three spaces 1-1-1-1-1

« Note that the sixes on the right are all made up of a thin line, a thin space, a thin line, and a very wide space, and those on the left are made up of a thin space, a thin bar, a thin space, and a very wide bar. »

Nevertheless, the visible similarity between the 6:s on the right side (and some versions of EAN Code left side two - very wide space, thin line, thin space, thin line, reversing order of right hand side) is rather striking.

** There is a "diagnosis" of hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia according to Kottler, Jeffrey; Chen, David. Stress Management and Prevention: Applications to Daily Life. Cengage Learning, as they are cited in wikipedian article as reference. There is no corresponding "diagnosis" of swastika-phobia. Maybe because Jews are overrepresented in those running and doing psychiatry?

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