Sunday, 11 January 2015

What I Left Behind Me

US Pastor Gets Mind Blown in Atheistic Europe!
Atheist Digest

American pastor Marty McLain got ONE thing wrong. In Sweden it is not "anything goes", it is not "whatever you like".

If you are a fundie, you are a pariah. If you are a Catholic, you are also a pariah.

If you are a fundie Catholic, you are an idiot to make yourself a "double pariah".

That is the country which, as a fundie Catholic, I left. The Danish Lutherans he interviewed, who agreed to perform "same sex quasi marriage" ceremonies because parliament told them to and who agreed earlier on to ordain (or so called, they have no real Apostolic succession) women, because parliament told them, they are the guys who back in 16th C. ceased being Catholics because king or parliament or both told them to. Some who remained Catholics were martyred, though fewer in Denmark than in Sweden.

They can look down on you for being Catholic and try to ask "what about indulgences" without waiting for an answer, even making it part of a slight Gish Gallop. Why? Because they are too pious Lutheran Christians to approve of Catholicism.

Or they can look down on you for being a fundie and try to ask you "what about literary genres" and "what if it wasn't meant that way" and perhaps a few times over "He only said it to adapt to prejudice and ignorance from back then" ...

In Denmark and Sweden those guys are an élite and so are the Humanists (especially among the worker movement). That is the kind of guys Breivik in Norway used to be around, not opposing their anti-Catholicism, not opposing their modernism, but he did oppose their pro-immigration stance and pro-Palestinian stance.

They and the Humanists are the kind of guys who get heard up there. School tends to keep out or heavily control any teacher and to heavily control any pupil and parents who are either Catholic or fundie.

One thing more: the Humanist supports evolution, the mainstream Lutheran (the kind who accepts women as clergy) supports evolution. If anything is like a solid fundamental to people up there, and school supports it too, it's evolution.

THIS is what I had to leave. I think it is pretty obvious even before I mention that quite a few of the Lutheran "clergy" as well as quite a few of Humanist (more often perhaps than Lutheran) doctors are also Freemasons.

I came back to Sweden in 1980 as a fundie and a pro-Catholic, though not yet baptised, though not yet Catholic. When I left Sweden in 2004 I knew it was no use trying any more.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
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