Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Index VII ENG - Easter to Pentecost 2015

This partial index is part of the page Index Indicum

Bonam et Sanctam Festivitatem Ascensionis Domini Bonam et Sanctam Festivtitatem Pentecostes

1) Refuting an Atheist - Happy Easter! 2) Probability

1) HGL's F.B. writings : What was the Potato Famine? 2) New blog on the kid : Good and Bad Stuff in Mater et Magistra

Aquinas vs Paley

Where do my fellow bloggers have their readers?

Blogs from Countries Where I have Readers :

part I, France to Italy part II, Lebanon to Puerto Rico part III, Romania to Turkey part IV, Ukraine to United States


Top Three Visitors : Russia, United States, India The Russian Realm Reads my Bloggings

"For God and King" - War of the Vendée

Does Thunderf00t make Eric Hovind's point?

Are Jews Hacking my Account to Delete Posts?

1) HGL's F.B. writings : Pius XI, Dollfuss, Mussolini - a Debate with a Wholehearted Admirer of the Latter 2) New blog on the kid : Once Again : Austrofascist and Nazi is NOT the Same Thing.

Must Scams be Detected by Content?

1) Creation vs. Evolution : How Smart Was Ancient Man? 2) New blog on the kid : Agnostic About God, Very Dogmatic About Neanderthals

I Wonder Slightly How Calvinist TFP is?

"The Beliefs of Christians is Similar to that of the Pagans according to Saint Justin Martyr"

Is David Palm Preaching to Me, by Any Chance?

1) Creation vs. Evolution : Natural Law is Constant : St Augustine Presumably Refuting Sarfati on Sibling Marriages [after second generation of mankind] 2) New blog on the kid : Moral or Ceremonial : Was it Against Moral Law to Eat Porc Between Moses and Jesus or St Peter? 3) HGL's F.B. writings : Overpopulation Still Falsehood

Sungenis Links! Yea!

Gallia Watch about Robert Chardon (link, very brief comment)

What Should Belhumeur Do, If It Happened?

SPUC, Yes! UNPFA/UNFPA, No! (Link)

What About Hava Nagila?

A quote from St Thomas More was misused as about Communism - Answering Elena Maria Vidal

Pray for Ireland!

Sex should not be barren, money loans not fertile

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