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I disagree with Vox Cantoris on One Thing

His blog post started out by calling Bergoglio "Pope". That I disagree with. So did a few others commenting under it.

Vox Cantoris : Pope [sic scripsit!] Bergoglio! Shall we look at what she did?

As he admired Emma Bonino, I start to get some kind of an idea WHAT kind of family had to flee Italy from the Fascists. Not from the Nazi occupation which happed after Bergoglio was born, but from the Fascist régime.

Son père, Mario Josè Bergoglio, est un immigré italien venu du Piémont et arrivé en Argentine en 1927 ou plus probablement début 1929 (les biographes ne s'accordant pas sur la date réelle de cette immigration)7, et sa mère, Régina Maria Sivori, née en Argentine, est fille d'immigrés italiens venant de Ligurie8.
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Jorge Mario Bergoglio nació en el seno de una familia católica el 17 de diciembre de 1936, en el barrio porteño de Flores, siendo el mayor de los cinco hijos del matrimonio formado por Mario José Bergoglio (contador, empleado en el ferrocarril),10 11 nacido en Portacomaro, provincia de Asti, que tuvo que emigrar de Italia debido al avance del fascismo;12 y Regina María Sívori (ama de casa), nacida en Buenos Aires, hija también de inmigrantes procedentes del Piamonte y Génova.13 14 María Elena Bergoglio es la única de sus hermanos todavía con vida.12
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What Fascist régime? That of 1927 or 1929. The year after the secret police was formed (which unlike accusations during Matteotti hearing did not yet exist in 1924)? Or the year in which Mussolini negotiated a deal with a REAL Pope for the Kings of Italy?

His father was a railway worker. That was NOT illegal in Fascist Italy.

But some railway workers were Communist or Syndicalist. Either of which was illegal. Communism, because it denied private property. Syndicalism, because the Fascist state claimed to replace Syndicalism with State guarantees against too arbitrary dealings on part of the employers. State arbitrations to replace the strike and lockout tools thitherto used by large employers and their employees.

Now, additionally, Italian Fascism did NOT endorse abortion, while Communism did and perhaps some syndicalists did too. Or simply didn't care about it as much as about syndicalism. There are poor people who would not abort, but who admire even abortionists if they do sth good for poor people or come off to them as trying to do so. Let us be precise about different Fascisms being different. 1935, German Nazism allowed or even decreed abortion if mother was considered hereditarily ill. But Italy had no abortion legalisation under Fascism: The fascists banned literature on birth control and increased penalties for abortion in 1926, declaring both crimes against the state.

See this paragraph:

Fascism sought to accommodate Italian conservatives by making major alterations to its political agenda;– abandoning its previous populism, republicanism, and anticlericalism, adopting policies in support of free enterprise, and accepting the Roman Catholic Church and the monarchy as institutions in Italy.[114] To appeal to Italian conservatives, Fascism adopted policies such as promoting family values, including promotion policies designed to reduce the number of women in the workforce limiting the woman's role to that of a mother. The fascists banned literature on birth control and increased penalties for abortion in 1926, declaring both crimes against the state.[115] Though Fascism adopted a number of positions designed to appeal to reactionaries, the Fascists sought to maintain Fascism's revolutionary character, with Angelo Oliviero Olivetti saying "Fascism would like to be conservative, but it will [be] by being revolutionary."[116] The Fascists supported revolutionary action and committed to secure law and order to appeal to both conservatives and syndicalists.[117]
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117) Martin Blinkhorn. Fascists and Conservatives. 2nd edition. Oxon, England, UK: Routledge, 2001 p. 22.

1926, same years as formation of Secret Police. One or three years before Mario Josè Bergoglio emigrated to Argentina. Without which he would not have met Bergoglio's (you know which one I mean) mother.

Bergoglio hating Fascists would be the equivalent of me if I positively relentlessly hated Jews. Without one of them, ma would not have met dad. But the circumstances were not very nice for my mother, when it came to that Jew. Difference, I think Mario Bergoglio may have done a bit more than my ma to get in trouble. The Fascists whom he fled from may have had better reasons for their action than that Jew had.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
Saturday after II Lord's Day in Lent

* La hermana del Papa: «Es también por esta razón que él jamás apoyó a Videla. Ayudó a muchos perseguidos» - Comparing Videla to Mussolini is an insult to Il Duce. Videla was a Capitalist version of Stalinism, where Catholic Church played a similar role to Sergian Orthodoxy in Stalinism (with much more leeway for doctrinal Orthodoxy under Videla, no doubt) : Videla's régime took away children from parents in hordes. Swedish Fascists have a way of admiring Il Duce and Perón. I myself admire or respect Edelmiro Julián Farrell. But NOT Videla. And I do not compare Il Duce to him.

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