Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Index X, ENG - Immaculate Conception 2015 to Candlemass 2016

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Felicem Natalem lectoribus Christifidelibus exopto · From Palestine - Christmas and Finding No Place to Stay · When Christ and His Cavalry Set Out for Battle of Harmageddon, They Hate the Guts of Herods · Bonum Festum Epiphaniae Domini · The three trees (link) · Bonum Festum Purificationis BVM lectoribus christifidelibus exopto

Someone Else Being Silenced?

I am trying to post a comment on my own blog

Christians from Palestine · From Palestine - Christmas and Finding No Place to Stay · November 13th 2015, Jerusalem, Day Time

Congratulations, Slovenia!

What is De Facto notoriety?

A Murderer Who Goes to Confessions Presumably Agrees Not to Murder Again

I am not known for praising Jews very much, but here some praise is due!

HGL's F.B. writings : Disagreeing with Michelle Arnold and an Anonymous Catholic · New blog on the kid : Carl F. Hostetter on me:

Some good news (link)

Sensus Fidelium : Evolution: The Religion of Anti-Christ (Link) · Stefan Schwarz sums it up (link)

Saudi Arabia and Bibles? (link)

Does the First Diagram Makes Sense? · Aberration and Parallax

Roe vs Wade, Anyone? (Link)

URL in Blackletters / URL en lettres gothiques : New blog on the kid · Φιλολoγικά/Philologica · Creation vs. Evolution · gm b1 lou · HGL's F.B. writings

What was his visit to Sweden for ...

Why Chromosome Fission Does Not Work / Pourquoi la fission des chromosomes ne marche pas

Mark Shea tries to explain Indulgences to Protestants

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