Monday, 22 February 2016

Some people cannot imagine European limits (warning, article contains grossness)

Here we get an example, possibly:

A BOOZED-UP plane passenger on a flight to the UK dropped his trousers and urinated in the aisle.

Horrified onlookers watched in disgust as Jinu Abraham went to the toilet in front of them on the jet heading from India to Birmingham.

The 39-year-old hospital porter became aggressive and had to be restained by cabin crew until the plane landed and he was arrested.


An European who gets drunk usually does not loose inhibitions to the point of posing that they pose in front of people and urinate.

I saw one probable Muslim do so, when obviously drunk, and by Muslim I do not mean he was practising, I am referring to his community, in the winter of 2010. We were both enjoying the hospitality of a soup kitchen in front of St Nicolas du Chardonnet, when he did so, I asked one of the girls who were our hostesses to fetch some water in a bucket, I cleaned up the stairs of the Church after him.

We cannot say this is inherent in alcohol, since for one thing Europeans - that is Christians living in Christian cultures - when drunk hardly ever do so, especially not after just two whiskies.

So, probably, having culturally a lower opinion of alcohol, they expect to do and in fact do, behave worse when drunk than we would.

On the other hand, their take on what "in front of people" means may be very much more restrictive than ours.

When I had to puke and shit with diarrhaea* night between Saturday and Sunday, I ran to the edges of the park for the one, and a bit into it for the other (there was obviously no toilet in sight). But the two men who were standing by might consider I did so "in front of" them.

When it is in the middle of the night, like after midnight or close to two and streets are empty, when I have to pee, I take the gutter, so it is washed away by the next water cleaning up the gutter in the morning. Some French think they have to turn to a wall, even in the middle of the night. Obviously, some Muslims might think I was as gross as that man on the plane - except I wasn't on a plane.

However, I said the exemple was just possibly such. We might see another explanation:

Abraham later said he had drunk two whiskies, that he was on anti depressants and could not remember anything about the ordeal.

What if the antidepressants had enhanced the effect of the whiskies?

Those things are vile.

Or, perhaps, the explanation might be as simple as the man trying to get to the toilet, finding it occupied and not being able to hold on.

And finding even that too embarrassing to say.

A kind of conspiracy theory crossed my mind : he could have acted, like in order to comment on my behaviour.** In that case, his behaviour is perfectly coherent. But that might be a bit farfetched, right?

Except that, once, someone did sth like that, a bit more probably to me, since in Paris: back in 2010, I had peed between cars in a rainweather, verifying first no one was watching and really having no possibility to hold back any more, having searched for a toilet too long already. Next evening or one of the next evenings, I found urine at exterior of St Nicolas du Chardonnet Church which parish I then frequented. My conclusion was, someone was plotting to "give me a taste of my own medicine" and to treat my behaviour in a plight as a provocation to be retaliated on. Perhaps because trying to "perfect" my behaviour. I feel rather degraded by even suspecting people stoop to that to give me a lesson.

With the reason behind my brief digestive illness, I have, alas, no doubt that someone had agreed between them to give me a lesson. Perhaps because I had drunk beer two nights earlier, same place.*

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Peter's Chair at Antioch

Source for quotes: The Sun : Drunk NHS man pulls down trousers and URINATES on plane flying to UK
By SAM CHRISTIE, 12:40, 22 Feb 2016

* Too much sugar. My last beer before the event was more than 48 hours previous, and it was one beer, so it was not the reason. I had after that beer, returning to same locality, been offered mostly sugars instead of money. Possibly someone thought me a drunkard and wanted to give an antabus effect - but too much sugar will have bad effects, even without alcohol. By sugars I mean : two crêpes by one lady, another man gave one bag with Pago juice, diluted, perhaps, with chocolate biscuits, which were most of my meal, probably 300 or 500 g, four pieces of jelly, a chocolate muffin which I saved for later, and cookies most of which I saved for later, which I am thankful for, next person gives another juice and a yoghurt which is sweet and vanilla taste, then he turns back, or it is another, who gives the sandwiches. Not one penny. As if they were counting me as an alcoholic and counting on antabus effect of sugar. ** The kind of immigrant who will plot to give a man too much sugar because he has taken one beer might conceive such plots too.

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