Friday, 20 November 2015

A Judge with Poor Judgement

Here is the quote with link to the article:

Judge Thomas Kay told Brianne Altice on Thursday that she needs to have responsibility for her actions. 'You were the adult, you were the teacher, you were the one that could have stopped that from happening,' he said

Utah teacher, 36, who sexually abused three male students and continued a relationship with one while out on bail is sentenced to up to 30 YEARS behind bars
By Associated Press and Alexandra Klausner For
Published: 23:37 GMT, 9 July 2015 | Updated: 12:10 GMT, 10 July 2015

Let us break this down.

"You were the adult"
The boys were 16 and 17. Not children. "The" adult sounds as if teens were equivalents of children.

"you were the teacher"
But where they the students who were most attentive to her class performance?

Or where they there because they had no chance of doing otherwise?

"you were the one that could have stopped that from happening"
What about:

  • society forcing boys to go to school?
  • society forcing them to abstain from profitable work and marriage?
  • society imposing coed?
  • society therefore imposing no bars between teachers of one sex and students of another?
  • society not paying her husband enough so he could keep her at home and with children?

'I am human and I messed up during a very vulnerable time in my life,' she told the court.

The mother of the then-16-year-old victim said her son was also vulnerable.

'You hurt my son in ways that you will never know. You hurt all of those boys,' said the woman. She did not give her name, and The Associated Press does not generally identify family members of sexual assault victims to avoid revealing a victim's identity.

Indeed. She introduced him to adultery and was unfaithful even in adultery.

But so did a society which made this situation a setup. Hurt, introduce him, and be unfaithful.

As long as teen pupils are enrolled in schools en masse, because society stops them from doing anything else and even requires them to be there up to a certain age, both school shootings and tragicomedies like these are likely to happen over again.

What could have become a comedy has turned at least somewhat tragic. The worst part is that her husband is filing for divorce.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Felix of Valois
founder of Trinitarians

PS, I would of course NOT have written this if the perpetrator had been a male seducer. Oscar Wilde deserved his sentence (whether he deserved conditions as they were in prison is another matter) and he knew it./HGL PPS - a male seducer of males, that is./HGL

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