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What was his visit to Sweden for ...

Bergoglio is "to travel to Sweden for joint Reformation commemoration".

What will he say?

Deplore that Laurentius Petri* when reforming the liturgy for ordination or even episcopal consecration made it clear that henceforth one was not "ordaining sacrificial priests" and therefore the Apostolic Succession vanished at his hands (no ordination he made after that statement, which is very official, I forgot which year, can have had a valid intention)?

But if so, why would he be welcomed by Swedish former State Church for such an occasion?

Or will he ignore that issue, like he did with the similarily non-extant Apostolic Succession for Anglicans, when he buried his friend Tony Palmer like a Catholic bishop is buried?

If so, he is spitting on the memory of the rival claimant to archbishopric of Uppsala, namely Laurentius Magni*. He was archbishop of Uppsala in exile.

He is spitting on the memory of martyrs too. Georg Ursinus was royal secretary. Zacharias Anthelius was mayor of Soedertelge. They became Catholics. They were killed as "traitors" for that sole act on order of the usurper Gustavus Adolphus (yes, of 30 Years War ill-fame**).

He is spitting on the anguish of those who conformed against their conscience to the very tyrannical reformation, because they would have been punished if confessing and hearing Mass with Heinrich Schacht S. J., the priest for whom Ursinus and Anthelius converted. Or his predecessors, who went to Poland with King Sigismund.

He is spitting on the valour of peasants who opposed the Reformation, and notably on that of Niels Dacke*** who was beheaded for trying to save churches from the pillaging of Gustaf Wasa.

He is spitting on the freedom of press, since the first printing press first belonged to Carthusians, who printed a manual about how to pray the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary and THEN Gustaf Wasa took this away from them and gave it to the Petri brothers°.

He is to say the least, not extremely respectful to converts from Swedish Lutheranism to the Catholic Church. Unless one should say that what I converted to was in fact a counterfeit Catholic Church, though my priest was old enough to be validly ordained and certainly had the right intentions with sacraments, unlike the Petri brothers, unlike perhaps a few Novus Ordo priests as well.

And so, he is not very respectful to those who were in the Catholic Church still extant in full before 1962 or before 1950, who were keeping the faith when I came in to join them.

As I declared once when Bergoglio "canonised" Wojtyla, Bergoglio cannot be a Catholic, Bergoglio cannot be my Pope or any other Catholic's real Pope.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Cergy St Christophe
St Polycarp

The bad news is from:
Vatican Radio : Pope Francis to travel to Sweden for joint Reformation commemoration
25/01/2016 12:00


* Swedish clergy those days (irrespective of confession) latinised full name. In Swedish these were originally Lars Persson and Lars Månsson. Laurence son of Peter, Laurence son of Magnus.

** The then Danish Scania hardly has a motive to like him better than Catholic Bavaria. My ancestors are from Christianstad, which was built a little away from the Væ which Gustavus Adolphus had ravaged, though that was obviously before the 30 Years War. Ursinus and Anthelius are obviously latinised surnames, we still have some in Sweden.

*** Yes, this peasant's name is not latinised at all!

° Laurentius Petri was the pseudo-archbishop, perhaps validly, but uncanonically consecrated, certainly not ordaining validly himself. His brother Olaus Petri (the Magni brothers also included an Olaus or Olof) was the preacher and Lutheran "theologian".

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