Saturday, 24 September 2016

"Canonisation" of Roncalli Revisited

Vatican Diary / In a few months, six new saints canonized outside the rules
19.3.2014, by Sandro Magister, on Chiesa Espresso

"the "canonization equivalent." The nature of this special procedure, which "has always been present in the Church and has been employed regularly, if not frequently," was illustrated in "L'Osservatore Romano" on October 12, 2013 by Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the congregation for the causes of saints. The cardinal explains: "For such a canonization, according to the teaching of Benedict XIV, three elements are required: an ancient tradition of devotion, the constant and common attestation of trustworthy historians on the virtues or martyrdom, and the uninterrupted fame of miracles." Cardinal Amato continues: "If these conditions are satisfied - again according to the teaching of pope Prospero Lambertini - the supreme pontiff, by his authority, can proceed with the 'canonization equivalent,' meaning the extension to the universal Church of the recitation of the divine office and the celebration of the Mass [in honor of the new saint], 'without any definitive formal sentence, without any preliminary juridical process, without having carried out the usual ceremonies.'"

So, if there are miracles, a canonisation can be done without usual ceremonies.

"In this area, therefore, it is also striking that Pope Francis has decided to proceed with the canonization of John XXIII – which will be celebrated next April 27 – according to the ordinary procedure but without the canonical certification of a miracle attributed to his intercession and having taken place after his beatification."

In other words, Bergoglio's act with Roncalli was the reverse. The condition always there, not fulfilled. The ceremonies that can be omitted, not omitted.

VERY glad of taking my distance from Bergoglio from that day on./HGL

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