Friday, 18 July 2014

A Comparison?

Es como si nosotros por cada atentado de la ETA hubiéramos matado vascos, y derribado hospitales y escuelas por efectos y daños colaterales porque allí, "viven terroristas".

My translation: It is as if, for each attentate by the ETA we had killed Basks and destroyed (?*) hospitals and school by collateral effects and damages, because there, there "live terrorists" - a Carlist summing up of what Israel is doing in Gaza.

Here is the article, for those knowing how to hablar y leer el castellano:

LEGITIMISTA DIGITAL : viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

There is perhaps one difference. ETA considered Spanish police as invadors for patrolling in Euskadi (and perhaps still do). They do not consider Spaniards as invaders for living in Madrid.

And the Spaniards that live in Madrid are not invaders into Euskadi either. BUT : One can argue whether Israelis who when in Europe heard Israel had been founded and took advantage of that and meant no ill to Palestinians, hardly even knew they existed, only heard Zionist propaganda, can count as invaders. One cannot deny some in Hamas or perhaps even further out count them as such. And this, though uncharitable, is considerably less unrealistic than it would be to count Madrileños as invaders into Euskadi for living in Madrid. After all, there has not been a large Basque populace displaced or selfdisplaced from Madrid before the Spaniards came there, perhaps ever in all history, or if at all, it was so far back that it is forgotten and counted as a curiosity.

When European and American and Oriental non-Palestinian Jews came to Tell Aviv is not at all so far back. Romans and Iberians have mixed over centuries, no difference left. This is not the case for the three religious communities (or four, if you count Jewish Christians as separate from Palestinian Christians) in their present proportions in the area.

If you have a past that may look as that of a bandit, even if that is only to some people, it may be wise to try to look no more like a bandit than you need to.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
St Camillo de Lellis

* Knocked down, demolished, brought down, after checking.

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