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Pope Michael Takes on Pope Francis: Exiled Pope is Living In America (link to video)

1) New blog on the kid : Pope Michael Takes on Pope Francis: Exiled Pope is Living In America (link to video) , 2) Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : ... against Yet Another Puritan as in Stupid Attack on Christmas

Pope Michael Takes on Pope Francis: Exiled Pope is Living In America
Josh Tolley

Excuses for momentary taking down of above, I needed to add this, and might need to add more:

About one possibly weak moment of Pope Michael "these things need to be looked into", before 22:25.

Here are my answers to allegations by Josh Tolley:

In general:

Here is the Pope's website:

Here is my proof why Protestants cannot constitute the true Church:

Great Bishop of Geneva! : Protestants - Not - Getting Around Matthew 28 Last Three Verses: John Calvin's Attempt

More specifically:

1) Ishtar was indeed the "goddess of love" or if you prefer of sex in Babylon.

"Her" name in Germanic has NOTHING to do with Eostre/Ostara. In Norse mythology she was indeed present, but as Freya.

That name is the name of "east" (as point of the compass) and of "dawn" (as natural phenomenon, and nature goddess possibly too).

2) The words Ostern in German and Easter in English do not mark a feast date that everywhere has even a fortuitous audible connexion to Ishtar, in Latin and most Romance languages as well as in Greek, as well as in Nordic countries, as well as in Netherlands, the feast is known by diverse versions of Pascha - a transliteration of [Pesach=] Passover.

3) Easter eggs have a purely practical purpose. As mentioned, fasting laws have changed. In St Thomas Aquinas' time, not just East but also West, not just meat, but also dairy and eggs were forbidden during the meal. A lot of eggs were left over till Easter, since chickens do not stop laying eggs just because it is Lent. And as someone thought the eggshell reminded of the open grave, you get this Christ symbolism about Easter eggs.

4) "we know" is not an argument. It is an appeal to a consensus, which is NOT accepted by all the world, NOT accepted by all who call themselves Christian, and is therefore obviously NOT based on what is simply self evident.

Bad scholarship masquerading as "we know" or "we now know" is baleful for rational discussion of anything.

5) ENGLAND has had for over 4, soon 5 centuries a "Church" which has no common doctrine, in which common words of confession are verbal compromises covering different meanings. One can very truly describe Anglicanism as a harlot "Church" just because of that. Now, the less Catholic faction in it, the Puritans,* have had some cultural impact, and it was not good, on the New England where you find Harvard and a few more. This includes a large ear for calumnies against Catholic tradition and a deaf ear for the defense of such.

6) On top of that Freemasonry is a real harlot. And it hates the Catholic Church. And it loves to pretend to philological knowledge far beyond its capacity of learning.

Now, Kent Hovind has admitted being friends with freemasons (he called them do-gooders). Tom Horne has admitted having had, while a pastor, not excommunicated more than one 32:nd degree mason. He has also admitted to having had the courage to go to the masonic lodge to check up on one rumour, but not having any corresponding courage to go to a Catholic Church or contact the Vatican (even now!) about the obelisk.

Trusting those people on Catholicism is ASKING for being involved in bad scholarship.

7) The claim that there is "even now" a priest of Tammuz is obviously as phoney as the claim of some masons to be "even now" druids. Note one Archbishop of Canterbury has had no problem masking himself as a druid, but not even Bergoglio has so far done so. On the other hand, Paul VI has been photographed with an ephod if that is not photoshopped (or montage as it used to be called).

EVERY Pagan cult was outlawed by Emperor Theodosius, at the same time when he outlawed Arianism, unless his predecessor had done so. There is no way Tammuz worship could have survived openly in the Roman Empire, and there were a few centuries to go before Persians and then Omar came.

The info gleaned from present day Tammuz priests is worthless as antiquarian information about Tammuz or Ishtar cults.

[8] Then there is a difference between Pagan tradition as Gentile customs and Idolatrous traditions as practises guilty of idolatry.

We use the Roman year, as it was in the main instituted by a Pagan and even idolater named Julius Caesar, and corrected in very minute detail (3 days every 400 years) by a Pope much later, one Gregory, I think the XIII.

This does not make us idolaters. Having March and April - even if March does refer to the Pagan "god" of War - instead of Adar and Nisan does not make an idolater.

This, in turn, gives us another hint of where the attacks on Catholic and Orthodox Easter come from. Some Christians think Judaism as in the Synagogue was the people of God even after Christ. They also imagine Jesus is not a proper transliteration for Yahshua (I would rather have spelled the Hebrew version Jeschua, but you see what I mean). It is. S instead of Shin is because Greek and Latin are overall Sibboleth dialects. Languages without the S / SH distinction, usually thought to pronounce the letter as modern S. And -ous is due to Greek grammar. Ending a word in -oua in the nominative would have made it feminine.

* Since then the Modernists have emerged as an even less Catholic faction of Church of England.

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