Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Diagrams for Geostationary Satellites (Either Cosmology)

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A vector due East is a vector tangentially upward
A Satellite a) above Earth,
b) drawing its distance to centre of Earth,
c) getting it due East from original pos[ition], continuing three quarters distance
d) then it should be 5 units above Earth at new location [the diagonal on diagram is physically also a vertical].
e) But it is actually only as high, due to gravitation.
Rotation East is compensated by daily rotation, whether that of Earth East or that of æther West, Geographically
α = theoretical angle, the one physically gone through by satellite through space
β angle of daily turning, heliocentric model, place on Earth [also] turning East
β angle of daily turning, Geocentric model, æther/space turnig West
@ diagram: α satellite / β space
Geographic angle [Eastward] = α - β

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