Thursday, 10 July 2014

Statistica Multoties Lectorum Bloggatorum in Hoc Bloggo

New blog on the kid



Most read blogposts/Les messages les plus lus/Maxime lecta bloggata.

In each level like day, I except the posts that make it to next or further levels.

À chaque niveau, comme jour, je donne ceux seulement qui n’y se trouvent pas à des niveaux supérieures.

Last/Dernières 24 h.


Remynde me to traunslate sum thynge smal nexte tyme, lyk the DIVYNE COMEDYE

Cornelius and Assisi Meeting


Moïse en doute? Non.

Last Week/Dernière Semaine


Mackerel Snapper Missing Another Point

Did God create ALL?

In Answer to Mr. Obama's question from a long time ago

Two Reasonings on Abortion


Observations sur un Père Barnabite

Last Month/Dernier Mois


On Karl Keating's Course

Schools in Church Doctrine (Pope Pius XI vs "Vatican II")

Answering two points raised by Dr Neville Jones PhD et al.

Is peace brought about, when infidels pray together?

Ipsa conteret, by Heinz Lothar Barth, German Book Tip

"Nobody believes in Geocentrism these days ..."


Différence entre Capitalisme et Distributisme

Une Plaque mémoriale et une actualité

All time/tout le temps/Omne tempus


Il vous est arrivé de plier un papier?

Fiabilité de la Tradition

Sur le concept de l'ésotérique et sur les sociétés secrètes


St Augustine was - Literally - a Young Earth Creationist and Geocentric, and he was Right

Proximate causes are not always secondary

Quarterlife is a Bad Term

Phil Provaznik / Dalrymple on Potassium-Argon and on Principle, more on Fission Track and Isochrons (a debunking of...)

John Cornwell's Incompetent Fan Club Claims Vatican went Nazi

Yesterday Bergoglio seems to have thrown me out of the Church - insofar as he was Pope he did

grafted, not graffed, Levi Price

Do not support World Childhood Foundation!

A Relevant Quote from J. R. R. Tolkien

Hans-Georg Gadamer was of the "Frankfurter Schule" - get Inklings for me please!


Statistica bloggorum vii vel viii ultimarum xxiv horarum in die Sancte Lucie

Alii bloggi, other blogs, autres blogs

"nov9 blogg9"?

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